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Holford, Rydon, and Pyrland 1 & 2 Wards


Other CQC inspections of services

Community & mental health inspection reports for Holford, Rydon, and Pyrland 1 & 2 Wards can be found at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust.

Inspection carried out on 17, 18 December 2013

During a routine inspection

Patients we spoke with were happy with the care and treatment they received on the wards. One patient said �The staff are so I kind. I feel so much better now than when I first came in.� Another person said �I have received such good support I feel ready to move on now.� This demonstrated that the care and treatment was effective in meeting patient�s needs.

Patients were involved in decisions about their care and were able to make choices about their day to day activities if appropriate. Patients we spoke with said they felt comfortable to discuss their treatment with medical and nursing staff. All said they had received a copy of their care plan.

All wards were pleasantly decorated and furnished. Furnishings took account of the needs and risks of the patients who used the ward. On Holford and Rydon wards, all furnishings were designed to minimise the risks to people of harming themselves. On Pyrland ward furniture was in line with the needs of older people who may have reduced physical mobility.

Patients and visitors were complimentary about the staff who supported them. Comments included; �The staff are all excellent,� �Staff seem to really care and are good at what they do� and �Some staff really go the extra mile. I have seen them be very kind and reassuring when there has been any aggression on the ward.�

Patients and visitors we spoke with all said that they would be comfortable to raise any concerns with the ward manager or a member of staff.

Inspection carried out on 21 June 2011

During an inspection looking at part of the service

Everyone spoken with during the visit was happy with the care which they received and all said that they �felt safe� on the ward.

People said that they received a copy of their care plan every week. One person said that they had a chance to read and discuss it with a member of ward staff. Two people commented that the care plan was discussed at the ward round which they attended.

Generally people spoken with felt involved in their care and treatment.

The ward carried out a survey entitled �Involving inpatients in their care� in April this year. Ten people responded to the survey. Nine people said that they had had a copy of their care plan within the last seven days (one person had refused.) All nine people said that the care plan had been discussed with them and seven said that they had been involved in putting their care plan together.

At one community meeting people using the service commented �Staff are very caring and provide good care.�

People using the service said that staff were approachable and, although they had a named nurse and a key worker, they were comfortable to speak with any member of staff at anytime.

Everyone staying on the ward is allocated a named member of staff on each shift. One person said �They come and tell you who your named person is, you have 15 minutes with them but you can speak with anyone at anytime.� Another person said �I have time with nurses when I need it.�

Each person using the service is allocated a �key worker� and information about this was seen to be displayed on the ward. People spoken with were aware of their named key worker and they told us that they had regular one to one time with them which they found �helpful�.

Inspection carried out on 27 October 2010

During an inspection in response to concerns

People told us that they knew who their key worker was and that they spent time in one to one sessions with them. People using the service on Rydon ward told us that they did not feel involved in their care and treatment. They told us they knew why they were in hospital and some said they felt they had been on the ward for too long. People said they valued the time spent with members of staff but that they could not always find someone to talk to as staff were always so busy.

We talked to people using the service about what they did during their stay on the wards. Unanimously they said they were bored, that it was a long day and there was not much on the activity programme that interested them. One person said �there is nothing to do in the evenings or at weekends�.