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We are carrying out a review of quality at Parkside Lodge. We will publish a report when our review is complete. Find out more about our inspection reports.

Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating

Updated 11 August 2016

We found the trust could improve in the following areas:

  • Not all ligature risks had not been identified by the trust’s ligature risk assessment. This could increase the likelihood of patient’s ligaturing in the service and impact on the safety of the patients.

  • The patient kitchen was not clean.

  • The training compliance at Parkside Lodge for the level 2 Mental Health Act inpatient training was 57%. The training compliance for the Mental Capacity Act, including Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards, level 2 was 69%. This training had been introduced into the trust's mandatory training schedule in July 2015. Staff had not received training on the updated Mental Health Act code of practice.

However we found the following areas of good practice:

  • Staff had reviewed all patient prescription records had all been reviewed. Staff had followed the medication as required guidance. There was detailed recording of incidents on the trusts datix system.

  • The seclusion room was in the process of being altered to comply with Mental Health Act guidance and to ensure patients’ privacy and dignity was not compromised.

  • Multi-disciplinary team meetings took place twice a week; decisions and information gained during multi-disciplinary team meetings fed into the patients care plan.

  • Patients had physical health checks on admission to Parkside Lodge and on a regular basis during their stay in hospital.

  • Staff had regular supervisions and annual appraisals. Specialist training was available to staff.

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Updated 11 August 2016


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Updated 11 August 2016

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