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Midhurst Community Hospital

Dodsley Lane, Easebourne, Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29 9AW (01730) 819112

Provided and run by:
Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust

Important: This service was previously managed by a different provider - see old profile

All Inspections

25 May 2011

During a routine inspection

In summary, we found that people using the services at Midhurst Hospital were telling us that their needs were being met and they were supported to improve their communication and independence skills by a skilled and well-trained staff team. They told us that every effort is made by the staff to help them maintain their independence and regain confidence to help them live independently when returning home. People we spoke to said they thought the hospital was being well managed and systems were in place to ensure that their needs were being identified and addressed.

People told us they were able to express their views on how the service is run and they were given opportunities to express their preferences especially regarding choices in daily living and what food they ate. We talked to many people during our visit and some said that although they were not always aware of the formal complaints processes, they did feel able to raise with staff any concerns that they had. One person told us that 'If I am not happy with anything then I tell staff who deal with it for me'.

Patients told us that they felt secure and safe in the hospital, with kind and attentive staff. They told us that they were always treated with dignity and respect and did not know of anyone that had been badly treated. People we spoke to told us that staff never hurried them and took time and trouble to help them with gaining confidence and doing things independently.

We saw many examples of thank you letters which had been received by staff from patients and relatives confirming that people and families who use this service felt supported by the staff to receive the care they need. People made particular reference to the efforts made by staff to help them maintain their mobility, independence and regain confidence to help them live independently when they are discharged. One person we spoke to told us that staff listened to her and in her opinion she did not think she could have been looked after better.