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St Helen's Rehabilitation Hospital

Nelson Lane, Tadcaster Road, York, North Yorkshire, YO24 1HD (01904) 700651

Provided and run by:
York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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Community & mental health inspection reports for St Helen's Rehabilitation Hospital can be found at York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Each report covers findings for one service across multiple locations

27 February 2012

During an inspection looking at part of the service

Patients told us they were 'extremely satisfied' with their care in the unit. One patient told us she was 'being well looked after' and that the food was 'good.' Another patient said, 'If you have to live in a place like this, then it would be this place. I am told what is going on, if not I ask them to elaborate.' Other patients made comments such as, 'It's nice here, I am ready to go home now, but have been well looked after.' 'I enjoy the music of our era when doing our exercises, it gets us going and chatting amongst ourselves.' One patient said they had 'No complaints,' and that 'Staff are exceedingly kind and helpful.'

Patients we spoke with told us they were happy with the way their medication was managed and that staff were available if they needed anything over and above what they had been prescribed for their different medical conditions. One patient told us they had been in a lot of pain when trying to walk and the nurses had contacted the consultant and now she was on stronger painkillers which had made a lot of difference.

5 July 2011

During a routine inspection

Patients told us they had received enough information about their care and treatment before making a decision. Some said they had seen a consent form, and signed it. Others were not aware of having done so. Overall patients made positive comments about the service they received and said they were happy with the care and treatment provided.

Patients told us they felt safe and if they had a query or complaint they were confident it would be listened to and acted upon.

Patients, who commented about cleanliness, said the staff did their best to keep the unit clean and that they had not had any reason to complain about it. They told us that staff washed their hands and used the 'medicated liquid' to clean their hands before and after helping them with personal care.

Patients, who commented about their medication, did not raise any concerns about their medication.

Patients told us they thought the equipment available to them was useful and that they particularly appreciated the use of the physiotherapy equipment and facilities in the unit.

Overall people made positive comments about the staff, describing them as 'very good', 'wonderful' and 'friendly.' Comments also included 'staff are good but very rushed' and 'it would be nice if they could sit and chat with us for a while, but they really are very busy, it's non stop [for the staff].'

Three patients said they knew about the complaints procedure and one patient said they would speak to staff on the unit if she had any worries or concerns.

We asked patients about their medical records and if they thought they were accurate and up to date. No one we spoke to said they had seen their records, but two thought they would be 'alright' as staff seemed to be 'writing about them all the time.'