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White Cross Court Rehabilitation Hospital


Other CQC inspections of services

Community & mental health inspection reports for White Cross Court Rehabilitation Hospital can be found at York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Inspection carried out on 5 January 2012

During an inspection looking at part of the service

People who use the service said that they thought the unit was 'very clean' and others said, "Staff are always busy cleaning and have done my room every day since I came in, including moving the furniture and mopping." Two others said the unit is 'spotless' and that they also stated they saw staff use the handwash (at the foot of their bed) before providing care to them.

Inspection carried out on 7 July 2011

During a routine inspection

Patients told us they had received enough information about their care and treatment before making a decision. One patient said, 'I came here to help me with my walking, I was happy to come and satisfied with the treatment I get.'

Overall patients made positive comments about the service they received and said they were satisfied with the care and treatment provided. Comments included 'it has been very good for me coming here,� �they always draw the curtains when providing care,� and my relative is �a lot happier than she was and is going the right way now.� However, three patients mentioned, independently, that they thought the days were long and there was little to do. They told us they spent their time in their own rooms and would only socialise when they were having physiotherapy which started to reduce the better they became. The communal lounge, despite being large enough to be used for group activities, was said by staff to be �out of bounds� and not used by patients.

Patients said they thought the unit was clean and regularly saw domestic staff busy cleaning. Patients said they saw staff washing their hands and used the 'medicated liquid' to clean their hands before and after helping them with personal care.

Patients did not raise any concerns about their medication. One patient told us that they regularly had tablets for pain relief and that as far as they were aware they got all the medication they had been prescribed for.

Patients said they were happy with the equipment available and staff had made sure they had all they needed to aid their recovery and move to independence.

Overall people made positive comments about the staff, describing them as 'kind and attentive,' and that they �interacted well with patients.�

One patient told us there seemed to be enough staff around, although they did say the �days seemed long� because �there wasn�t enough to do�. One patient said their mobility and confidence �had got a lot better�, so she could �get about and take herself to the toilet. However, there was a delay previously if she needed assistance and staff were busy.� The patient recalled this was usually in the evening and during the night when staff numbers reduced. Another patient said �they do manage but are very busy and could do with more.�

We asked patients about their medical records, if they knew about them, if they thought they were accurate and up to date. No one we spoke to said they had seen their records, but they assumed records were kept.

Patients told us they knew about the trust�s complaints procedure and said they felt confident that they would speak to staff on the unit if they were not happy.