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Barking Birth Centre Do not include in report

Inspection Summary

Inspection areas


Updated 14 January 2014

People were protected from harm because staff were focused on safety. The centre was clean and appropriate infection control practices were seen. There were sufficient staffing levels in place.


Updated 14 January 2014

National guidelines and best practice were followed. Care was effective, people’s needs were met.


Updated 14 January 2014

People were treated with dignity, respect and compassion.


Updated 14 January 2014

People received the care and treatment they required at the right time and their needs were responded to.


Updated 14 January 2014

There was effective leadership and governance in place in the centre. Staff were clear about their responsibilities and supported each other well.

Checks on specific services

Maternity and gynaecology

Updated 14 January 2014

Staff were caring and people were treated with dignity and respect. Staffing levels enabled safe practice and people’s needs were met. People got the treatment and care they needed at the right time. There was effective leadership and governance.