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Archived: Sevenacres (Inpatient Wards)

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Inspection carried out on 12 July 2011

During an inspection looking at part of the service

Most of the patients we spoke to told us that the care they had received was good, although some said that it varied. In general, people were very positive about their experience in the unit.

Most of the people we spoke to said they had been involved in planning their care, although one person said they had not. This person was not sure whether they had been detained under the Mental Health Act.

Two people told us that they wanted more time to talk to nurses.

All the patients we asked said they felt safe on the ward.

Inspection carried out on 23 March 2011

During an inspection in response to concerns

We spoke to people in all three inpatient wards.

People told us there was always a member of staff available when they needed help or support. We observed a good response from staff to requests from people using the service during our visit who wanted some help or information.

One person we spoke to told us that staff are �lovely� because they are good at noticing when people do not feel well and are �good listeners�. Another person told us that staff are very helpful and give good advice.

People were generally positive about staff and did not raise any specific concerns about staff.

People gave us mixed responses when we asked then about their care plans and how they had been involved in the formation of their plans and decisions about their care.

Some people confirmed that they had been involved and others not. We spoke to one person who had not seen their care plan; however, they told us they had the opportunity to speak to staff about how they were feeling and their care needs, during the weekly ward round. We spoke to another person who was fully aware of their care plan and treatment and discussions showed that they had been involved about their care decisions.

People were aware that there was a complaints procedure and stated that if they did have any complaints they would raise these. People were aware of who the senior manager, the modern matron, was and stated they would speak to him if concerns were not addressed by the ward staff.

People said that there are ward meetings where issues can be discussed and all seemed confident that they could talk to the ward manager if they wanted to raise anything.

We asked people about how they kept their personal property and possessions safe. People stated that they did have their own rooms however other people could enter these and gave examples of when personal items had gone missing. One person stated that they had reported these to the manager and police. This person and others stated that they keep valuables with them but did say that they were aware that they could request items to be locked in a safe in the reception.

People did not raise any concerns about their personal safety and all stated that they would report concerns if anything untoward occurred.