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L'Arche Manchester - St Paul's Office Outstanding

Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating


Updated 13 March 2019

The inspection took place on 23 and 25 January 2019 and was announced. We announced the inspection as the service is small and we needed to ensure there was someone available to facilitate the inspection. We also wanted to gain permission to visit people in their own homes.

The last inspection of this service was in September 2016 where the provider was rated good in all areas. At this inspection we found the evidence continued to support the rating of good and the provider had improved to become outstanding in Caring and Responsive.

L'Arche provides personal care and support to people living in their own property under a tenancy agreement. People being supported are known as core members and staff are known as assistants and some assistants live in the properties. L'Arche aims to provide a holistic service where core members and assistants are seen as a community. L’Arche the organisation originated in France in1964 and supports people with learning disabilities all over the world and has 14 other communities within the UK. The service was supporting nine core members at the time of inspection.

The care service has been developed and designed in line with the values that underpin the Registering the Right Support and other best practice guidance. These values include choice, promotion of independence and inclusion. People with learning disabilities and autism using the service can live as ordinary a life as any citizen.

Core members and their families told us they felt safe while being supported by the service. Staff had received training in safeguarding vulnerable adults and could describe in detail, actions they would take if they had any concerns. Family members felt they could raise any concerns they had.

Staff were recruited safely. Robust pre-employment checks were in place to ensure the suitability of staff. Core members and their families were involved in the recruitment of staff and staff were matched to core members needs and preferences.

Medicines were managed safely, and staff received training and competency checks to assure the provider of their skills of administer medicines safely.

The provider ensured core members were supported safely in their property and had oversight of the safety checks in place in relation to fire, gas and electrical safety and water temperatures.

Core members had any risks they presented assessed and reviewed. Detailed strategies were in place to support staff and core members to reduce levels of distress. Families were involved in the risk assessment process and felt they had been supported to identify their own strategies to support their relative.

Staff members received a thorough induction to their job role. Their learning was checked in the form of tests at the end of the induction. Regular training was given to support staff in their role and further training was given specifically around the core members supported.

Regular supervision and appraisal took place. Core members were supported to be actively involved in the supervision process and fed back their comments via writing, pictures or drawings. Staff were supported to take breaks away from the service to rest and reflect.

Core members received a thorough assessment of their needs. Core members and their families were supported to access the service at their own pace. Family members told us the transition to the service was well managed with lots of open communication and planning to manage expectations and routines.

Support to manage health needs were clearly fed into care plans. From the onset of the service providing support, clear strategies were in place for how core members were supported to appointments and how involved the family wanted to be. Core members had health action plans in place, which clearly recorded outcomes of appointments and what needed to be done to keep core members healthy.

The provider worked in line with the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) 2005. Information from MCA referrals

Inspection areas



Updated 13 March 2019

The service remains safe.



Updated 13 March 2019

The service remains effective.



Updated 13 March 2019

The service has improved to be outstandingly caring.

Family members overwhelmingly told us that staff were kind and caring and could not praise them highly enough for the love and support they showed to their relative.

Staff members spoke with passion about their role and ensured all core members felt like part of their extended family.

Communication whether verbally, using signs, pictorial images or by monitoring facial expressions and gestures was key to staff supporting people effectively.



Updated 13 March 2019

The service has improved to be outstandingly responsive.

Care planning heavily involved core members and their families. This promoted joint working in the best interest of the core member.

Core members were supported to be active within the community and joined in various activities to improve confidence and encourage friendships. Core members had been supported to obtain work and attend further education.

The service communicated effectively with core members and their families who told us there were open line of communication at all times.



Updated 13 March 2019

The service remains good.