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The local authority has identified this service as suitable to care for people discharged from hospital with a positive coronavirus (COVID-19) test result. We have checked it meets the infection prevention and control standards we expect. Find out more about these checks

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Updated 30 January 2021

St Lukes Care Home is a residential and nursing care home in Runcorn. The service is registered to accommodate up to 60 older people, including those living with dementia, and it can currently accommodate 56 people.

We inspected the part of the service that had been identified by the Local Authority as a designated care setting in response to the Winter Plan for people discharged from hospital with a positive Covid-19 status. This was one of the four units at St Lukes and consisted of 10 individual bedrooms for people, served by wide corridors with access to a communal lounge and dining room. At the time of our visit, there were no people or staff in this part of St Lukes.

We found the following examples of good practice.

• The provider had completed a ‘lesson learned’ exercise together with other professionals, such as a local GP, to learn from previous outbreaks and make improvements. This had led to changes, such as introducing separate changing and dining facilities to promote social distancing for staff.

• For the unit identified as a designated care setting, no visitors were allowed unless in exceptional, nationally agreed circumstances. For those needing to visit, lateral flow tests to check for COVID-19 infections were in use. Personal protective equipment (PPE) was available for visitors, who also had to complete a declaration and risk assessment, as well as a temperature check.

• The designated unit was spacious, had been deep cleaned, refurbished and repainted. Communal areas were set out so that those wishing to leave their bedroom could use the lounge or dining room while maintaining safe distance from each other and staff.

• Due to staff availability, the designated was planned to be covered almost entirely by external agency staff. To provide consistency the provider had agreed booking of the same agency staff with their employer for a period of several months. This was further supported by an agreement of staff only working on the designated unit and in no other care setting.

• The provider had sought assurances from the agency that all staff had received essential training, such as in infection control. This was further supported by the provider’s in-house training, overseen by a quality assurance officer. To support consistency of care and quality, two established nurses at St Lukes had been identified to lead the designated unit and its care for people.

• Future planning for people’s discharge from the designated unit was part of their admissions process. The provider explained that the first multi-disciplinary team meeting for each person would include defining a discharge plan, to consider whether this would be to the person’s own home in the community or a care home. The provider explained that often this planning would have taken place prior to the admission to the unit, adhering to the ‘home first’ approach, whereby going home wherever possible is the default pathway.

• Additional cleaning procedures had been introduced and cleaning audits were in use to monitor standards. The service was working closely with local infection control leads to implement best practice. Vaccinations against COVID-19 had been offered to all residents and staff, including agency staff.

We were assured that this service met good infection prevention and control guidelines as a designated care setting.

Further information is in the detailed findings below.

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Updated 30 January 2021

Further information is in the detailed findings below.


Updated 30 January 2021


Updated 30 January 2021


Updated 30 January 2021


Updated 30 January 2021