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Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating


Updated 24 April 2020

About the service

Forest Court Care Home is a residential care home which provides personal and nursing care for up to 40 people. At the time of the inspection 37 people, predominantly over the age of 65 years lived there. The home specialises in supporting people who live with advanced dementia and those who also have some mental health needs.

People were accommodated in one adapted building which provided a selection of communal areas, on one level, to meet people’s diverse needs. People had private bedrooms with washing and toilet facilities. A secure garden provided people with outside space they could enjoy safely.

People’s experience of using this service and what we found

People were supported to have maximum choice and control of their lives and staff supported them in the least restrictive way possible and in their best interests. The policies and systems in the service supported this practice. Staff had a good understanding of the legislation which helped to protect people who lacked mental capacity.

A person-centred approach to care was adopted and staff supported people to live well with dementia. This was achieved by staff having a good knowledge of people’s health conditions and how these affected people’s behaviour and abilities.

Staff knew people well and they acted to support people’s wellbeing. Staff responded quickly to people’s distress giving them reassurance, comfort or space as required. One relative said, “The staff seem to have the right approach to get things done, they really are marvels at what they do."

A whole team approach was in place to support people’s safety and reduce risks to people. Risks to people’s health were identified and there were robust arrangements in place to reduce these.

Staff worked closely with a range of health and social care professionals to support people’s physically and mental wellbeing. People’s increased frailty was recognised, and people were supported to have a comfortable and dignified end of life.

Support was provided to people to eat and drink enough and to take their medicines as prescribed. A relative said, "[Name] has put on weight since he moved in, which is a very good sign. The food is really good and always looks very nice."

The home’s environment was spacious and provided ample room for people to choose where they sat and to walk with purpose.

Staff had a genuine interest in improving people’s quality of life by providing one to one activities and social activities. These were designed to support people cognitively and keep them socially engaged.

Staff worked closely with those who mattered to people. Staff recognised that family, friends and pets were as integral to supporting people who lived with dementia as their care was. One relative said, "We feel part of the family, we are always made to feel welcome and offered a cup of tea and a biscuit. There is no problem with us bringing the dog with us…” Relatives were also provided with the support they needed as they experienced the journey of supporting a loved one who lived with dementia.

People were treated with respect and their dignity maintained. Staff were patient with people and valued what they had to offer. One member of staff said, “There is nothing better than sitting with and engaging with the resident.”

People and their representatives were able to raise a complaint and have this addressed and resolved where at all possible. Senior staff were available for people or their representatives to discuss concerns with them. Feedback and suggestions were sought from people’s representatives and relatives and acted on.

The provider monitored the quality of care and service provided to people. There were systems and processes in place to drive improvement where required. Although the service was currently managed by the deputy manager in the registered manager’s absence the systems and processes which supported the smooth running of the home were being maintained.

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Rating at last inspection

This service was registered with us on 6 March 2019 and this is the first inspection.

Why we inspected

This was a planned inspection based on when the provider registered the service.

Follow up

We will continue to monitor information we receive about the service until we return to visit as per our re-inspection programme. If we receive any concerning information we may inspect sooner.

Inspection areas



Updated 24 April 2020

The service was safe.

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Updated 24 April 2020

The service was effective.

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Updated 24 April 2020

The service was caring.

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Updated 24 April 2020

The service was responsive.

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Updated 24 April 2020

The service was well-led.

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