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Archived: Cambridge Care Company Also known as Haverill

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Inspection carried out on 5 December 2013

During a routine inspection

We inspected the service over three days and found this to be a well- run, well managed service which was safe and responsive to people�s needs. There were systems in place to ensure only suitable staff were employed at the service and thorough checks were carried out before staff were employed. There were systems in place to support staff and ensure they were adequately skilled to fulfil their role. We met with staff and found their attitudes to be empathetic and caring.

There were systems in place to assess and monitor the quality of the service being provided to ensure it was of a consistently high standard.

People we met or spoke with over the telephone told us they had regular carers and received a reliable service. People said carers sometimes ran late or arrived early but this was within an acceptable timeframe. One person said, �She�s as good as a daughter. The carers go that extra mile and know what�s important to me and pay attention to detail.� Another person said, �They are very good, I am very satisfied, they are all helpful, cheerful and can�t do enough for you.� People told us the service was provided flexibly around their needs and care calls were changed when required.

We looked at people�s care plans which were person centred and people were asked to give personal information around the life experiences and history to help staff met their needs. This information was optional. People told us their care plans were reviewed and we saw that carers wrote comprehensive notes to show what support they had provided to the person. This assisted the next carer coming in and meant that people�s needs could be evaluated to see that the support being provided was effective in meeting their needs.