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Before We Meet Ltd Also known as Mrs Victoria Young

Overall: Good read more about inspection ratings

4 Pickersgill Court, Sunderland, SR5 2AQ 07717 737930

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Before We Meet Limited

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05 February 2022

During a routine inspection

We rated this service as good because:

• The service had enough staff to care for women and keep them safe. Staff had training in key skills, understood how to protect women from abuse, and managed safety well. The service controlled infection risk well.

• Staff provided good care and treatment. The manager monitored the effectiveness of the service and made sure staff were competent. Staff worked well together for the benefit of women, supported them to make decisions about their care, and had access to good information.

• The service had a visible, person-centred culture. Staff were highly motivated and passionate. Staff treated women with compassion and kindness. They respected their privacy and dignity, took account of their individual needs. They provided dedicated and personalised emotional support to women and their visitors.

• The service planned care to meet the needs of local people, took account of women's individual needs, and made it easy for people to give feedback. People could access the service when they needed it and did not have to wait too long for their results. The service was accessible for people with restricted mobility.

• The manager ran services well and supported staff to develop their skills. Staff felt respected, supported and valued. They were focused on the needs of women receiving care. Staff were clear about their roles and accountabilities. The service engaged well with women and the community to plan and manage services and staff were committed to improving services.


  • The service did not always have a valid Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) for staff.
  • The service did not always complete pre-employment checks, including employment history and references for staff.
  • The safeguarding policy did not have the contact number for the safeguarding lead.
  • Policies were not always version controlled or reflective of current the current operation.