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Northamptonshire Substance to Solution (STS) Good


Inspection carried out on 09 to 11 July 2019

During a routine inspection

  • The provider had robust health and safety processes in place to provide clients with community-based substance misuse services. Clients received a comprehensive assessment in a timely manner which included a physical health assessment.
  • Clients had robust risk management plans in place which staff reviewed every three months or more frequently where required. Staff were able to identify signs of deteriorating mental health.
  • All locality hubs had a range of appropriate rooms to meet clients. The clinical rooms were clean, well-stocked and regularly reviewed by the clinical lead nurse. Staff had access to Naloxone (Naloxone is used to reverse the effects of opioids).
  • The provider had robust policies, procedures and training related to medication and medicines management. These included: prescribing, detoxification and assessing client’s tolerance to medication. Staff adhered to infection control principles, including handwashing and the disposal and storage of clinical waste.
  • There was enough staff at all grades, with the right skills and experience to meet the needs of the clients. Staff had received mandatory training and received training relevant for their role.
  • The service had a robust process for the recording, investigation and learning from incidents. There was evidence of learning from incidents that had been embedded in practice.
  • There were robust governance systems in place to effectively manage the service. Managers had the right skills and experience to provide leadership and had good oversight of the service. Performance was monitored, and the outcomes were recorded on key performance indicator dashboards. This meant the manager could monitor performance over a period to ensure continuous improvement. Managers communicated the results to staff.


  • There was no glucometer (to test client’s blood glucose) in Wellingborough.
  • Not all complaints had been acknowledged within the providers agreed time frame of five working days.