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West Sussex Drug & Alcohol Wellbeing Network Good


Inspection carried out on 29 - 31 October 2019

During a routine inspection

West Sussex Drug & Alcohol Wellbeing Network delivers medical and psychosocial interventions in the community for substance misuse. We rated them as good because:

  • The teams included or had access to the full range of specialists required to meet the needs of clients under their care. Managers ensured that these staff received training, supervision and appraisal. Staff worked well together as a multidisciplinary team and relevant services outside the organisation.
  • Staff developed recovery-oriented care plans informed by a comprehensive assessment. They provided a range of treatments suitable to the needs of the clients and in line with national guidance about best practice. Staff engaged in clinical audit to evaluate the quality of care they provided.
  • The service was easy to access. Staff planned and managed discharge well and had alternative pathways for people whose needs it could not meet.
  • Staff treated clients with compassion and kindness. Staff understood the individual needs of clients. They actively involved clients in decisions and care planning. Clients were also involved in the planning of service delivery.
  • The service was well led. Staff spoke positively about leadership at all levels and talked about how the provider’s vision and values informed service delivery.


  • Risk was not always managed effectively. Risk information, such as safeguarding, was hard to find in the client’s care records and was often lacking enough detail. There was a lack of timely and accessible governance around safeguarding procedures for managers and team leaders. There was no clear local procedure for the management of prescriptions if a client persistently missed their medical reviews.