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Dr Rubina Shahmalak, Dr Asif Javid and Dr Pirzada Anwer Good Also known as Dickenson Road Medical Centre


Review carried out on 3 December 2019

During an annual regulatory review

We reviewed the information available to us about Dr Rubina Shahmalak, Dr Asif Javid and Dr Pirzada Anwer on 3 December 2019. We did not find evidence of significant changes to the quality of service being provided since the last inspection. As a result, we decided not to inspect the surgery at this time. We will continue to monitor this information about this service throughout the year and may inspect the surgery when we see evidence of potential changes.

Inspection carried out on 5 May 2016

During a routine inspection

Letter from the Chief Inspector of General Practice

We carried out an announced comprehensive inspection on 5 May 2016. Overall the practice is rated as good.

Our key findings across all the areas we inspected were as follows:

  • There was an open and transparent approach to safety and an effective system in place for reporting and recording significant events.
  • Risks to patients were assessed and well managed.
  • Staff assessed patients’ needs and delivered care in line with current evidence based guidance. Staff had the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver effective care and treatment.
  • Patients said they were treated with compassion, dignity and respect and they were involved in their care and decisions about their treatment.
  • Information about services and how to complain was available and easy to understand.
  • The practice had good facilities and was well equipped to treat patients and meet their needs.
  • There was a clear leadership structure and staff felt supported by management. The practice proactively sought feedback from staff and patients, which it acted on.

There were areas of practice where the provider needs to make improvements. The provider should:

  • Ensure the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations are fully embedded.

Professor Steve Field (CBE FRCP FFPH FRCGP) 

Chief Inspector of General Practice

Inspection carried out on 29 July 2014

During an inspection looking at part of the service

We visited Dr R C Gulati & Dr P Gulati practice in January 2014 and found that improvements were required in their staff recruitment procedures. Following the inspection the provider prepared an action plan. The provider set realistic timescales by which the improvements would be made and a person with lead responsibilities for the actions was identified.

During this follow up inspection in July 2014 we found that the improvements required had been made by the provider.

Inspection carried out on 13 January 2014

During a routine inspection

We spoke with nine people who used the service. They said they were very happy with the service provided by their doctor and the practice nurse. They described the staff as 'polite and helpful'. They confirmed that when they saw their doctor they were always given time to talk about their issues and ask questions about their treatments. One person said, "The nurse is very helpful. She explains everything really well and then always asks me if I have any questions." Another person told us, "My doctor is very good, she always puts you at your ease. I have nothing to complain about."

Leaflets and posters were displayed in the waiting area in relation to a range of conditions and services available. The practice had access to an interpretation service and disabled access was provided.

Staff were trained at the appropriate level on how to safeguard people from abuse and harm. They were aware of the different types of abuse that could take place and the signs to look out for. Staff knew to report any signs or the suspicion of abuse to a senior member of staff immediately. None of the staff we spoke with had any concerns about the safety and welfare of the people who used the service or the care practices of their colleagues.

Appropriate recruitment and selection procedures had not always been completed prior to some staff being employed to work at the surgery.

The people we spoke with told us they were happy with the standard of the service they received. One person described the service as 'excellent'. Another person told us, �Overall the service is very good. My whole family are registered with this practice and I am very happy with the way they look after me and my children.�

The NHS Choices website recorded a number of negative comments about the practice. Most of these related to the standard of care and appointment waiting times.