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Haven Residential Care Home Good

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Updated 2 May 2019

About the service:

Haven Residential Care Home is a registered care home providing the regulated activity ‘Accommodation for people who require personal care or nursing care’. Haven Residential Care Home was registered to carry out the regulated activity to 30 people. During our inspection 29 people lived at Haven Residential Home.

What life is like for people using this service:

• There was a friendly, welcoming and homely atmosphere throughout the home. People had developed positive, trusting relationships with staff to help them feel safe. Robust systems ensured the safe management of medicines. Risk assessments were person centred and developed together with people.

• Support provided focused on people maximising choice and control over their lives. People were encouraged and supported to meet their identified goals and aspirations.

• People were supported by skilled and knowledgeable staff, who were committed to making a positive difference and impact every day to all people.

• Staff communicated well with others and we saw many positive examples of collaborative working with other professionals.

• Care was focused upon each person as an individual, with meaningful and purposeful activities based upon people's interests, goals and outcomes. People and their families felt listened to, involved, valued and empowered to change things. Technology was used extensively and individually to maintain and gain greater independence.

• The management team valued and inspired the staff. There was a clear set of values in the service and these formed the focus of shared purpose. There was shared professional admiration and respect for people, whatever their role in the service and a clear commitment to driving and improving quality.

• Leaders and managers of the home were clearly visible, fair, open and transparent and formed a sound basis for ensuring people's needs were met in an individualised and person-centred ethos.

• More information is in the full report

Rating at last inspection:

Good. The last report was published on 12 July 2016.

Why we inspected:

This was a planned inspection based on the rating at the last inspection.

Follow up:

We will continue to monitor this service and plan to inspect in line with our re-inspection schedule for those services rated as Good.

Inspection areas



Updated 2 May 2019

The service was safe

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Updated 2 May 2019

The service was effective

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Updated 2 May 2019

The service was caring

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Updated 2 May 2019

The service was exceptionally responsive

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Updated 2 May 2019

The service was well-led

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