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Davyhulme Medical Centre Good


Review carried out on 8 July 2021

During a monthly review of our data

We carried out a review of the data available to us about Davyhulme Medical Centre on 8 July 2021. We have not found evidence that we need to carry out an inspection or reassess our rating at this stage.

This could change at any time if we receive new information. We will continue to monitor data about this service.

If you have concerns about Davyhulme Medical Centre, you can give feedback on this service.

Review carried out on 13 December 2019

During an annual regulatory review

We reviewed the information available to us about Davyhulme Medical Centre on 13 December 2019. We did not find evidence of significant changes to the quality of service being provided since the last inspection. As a result, we decided not to inspect the surgery at this time. We will continue to monitor this information about this service throughout the year and may inspect the surgery when we see evidence of potential changes.

Inspection carried out on 6 December 2017

During a routine inspection

Letter from the Chief Inspector of General Practice

This practice is rated as Good overall. (Previous inspection January 2015 – Good)

The key questions are rated as:

Are services safe? – Good

Are services effective? – Good

Are services caring? – Good

Are services responsive? – Good

Are services well-led? - Good

As part of our inspection process, we also look at the quality of care for specific population groups. The population groups are rated as:

Older People – Good

People with long-term conditions – Good

Families, children and young people – Good

Working age people (including those recently retired and students – Good

People whose circumstances may make them vulnerable – Good

People experiencing poor mental health (including people with dementia) - Good

We carried out an announced comprehensive inspection at Davyhulme Medical Centre on 6 December 2017 as part of our inspection programme.

At this inspection we found:

  • The practice had clear systems to manage risk so that safety incidents were less likely to happen. When incidents did happen, the practice learned from them and improved their processes.
  • The practice routinely reviewed the effectiveness and appropriateness of the care it provided. It ensured that care and treatment was delivered according to evidence- based guidelines.
  • Staff involved and treated patients with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect.
  • Patients found the appointment system easy to use and reported that they were able to access care when they needed it.
  • The practice had an established, proactive patient participation group.
  • There was a strong focus on continuous learning and improvement at all levels of the organisation.
  • The practice had an informal process where receptionists were trained to signpost patients to the right person at the right time across a variety of health services.
  • The practice held a daily walk in clinic where children, the elderly and the most ill patients were seen by the GP as a priority.
  • Although the practice did not have a hearing loop most staff had completed basic sign language training.
  • All abnormal test results from the laboratories were dealt with on the same day.
  • The practice had good facilities and was well equipped to treat patients and meet their needs.

Professor Steve Field CBE FRCP FFPH FRCGP 

Chief Inspector of General Practice

Inspection carried out on 8 January 2015

During a routine inspection

Letter from the Chief Inspector of General Practice

Davyhulme Medical Centre was inspected on the 8 January 2015. This was a comprehensive inspection.

We rated Davylhulme Medical Practice as good in relation to being safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led.

Our key findings were as follows:

The practice had systems in place to ensure best practice was followed. This was to ensure that people’s care, treatment and support achieved good outcomes and was based on the best available evidence.

Information we received from patients reflected that practice staff interacted with them in a positive and empathetic way. They said that were treated with respect, in a polite manner and as individuals.

A system was in place to ensure the practice was regularly cleaned. A system was in place for managing Infection prevention and control.

Patients had good access to medical care and we were assured that if a patient needed to be seen they could access a GP appointment on the same day.

We saw areas of outstanding practice including;

There was a strong, visible, person-centred culture. Staff were motivated and inspired to offer care that was kind and promotes people’s dignity. Relationships between patients, those close to them, and staff were strong, caring and supportive. These relationships were highly valued by all staff and promoted by the practice management team. We observed practice staff to be respectful, pleasant and helpful with patients and each other during our inspection visit.

To improve patient access the practice had (in response to patients views expressed in the practice’s own patient survey) extended the practice opening hours and reviewed and implemented a new appointments system in July 2014.

Professor Steve Field (CBE FRCP FFPH FRCGP) 

Chief Inspector of General Practice

Inspection carried out on 18 September 2013

During a routine inspection

We visited Davyhulme Medical Centre on 18 September 2013 and found that there was a large car park which included disabled parking. The building was easily accessible, clean and welcoming.

The practice had a Patient Participation Group (PPG) which met regularly. There was a website offering newsletters, minutes of PPG meetings and the results of the latest annual patient satisfaction questionnaires.

The reception area and waiting room were well stocked with leaflets and information and there were disabled toilet facilities. There was a self-check blood pressure machine for patients� use.

We observed staff treating patients with respect and courtesy. We spoke with six patients who were on the whole very positive about the practice. One patient told us, �Reception staff are really good and helpful, come any time and they will fix you up with an appointment, they are marvellous.� Another said, �They look after you in every way.�

Appropriate policies, procedures and staff guidance were in place. We spoke with four staff members who demonstrated an understanding of safeguarding issues.

Staff were well supported with good induction processes, communication, meetings and training. Annual appraisals were undertaken for staff.

A complaints policy was in place and complaints were dealt with appropriately. Systems were in place for the practice to audit the quality of their service, obtain patients� views and suggestions and improve service delivery as necessary.