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Hampton Medical Centre Also known as Hampton Health

Overall: Good read more about inspection ratings

Unit 6b Serpentine Green, Hampton, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE7 8DR (01733) 556900

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Hampton Medical Centre

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Background to this inspection

Updated 18 June 2021

Hampton Health is a practice situated inside Serpentine Green Shopping Centre, Peterborough. The practice provides services for approximately 10,415 patients. It holds a Personal Medical Services contract with Cambridgeshire and Peterborough CCG.

According to information taken from Public Health England, the patient population has a higher than average number of patients aged 0–14 and 25–34 years. It has a lower than average number of patients aged 49 and over in comparison to the practice average across England. The practice is situated in a developing township with a low level of deprivation.

The practice team consists of two partners, one male and one female. There are two female and one male salaried GPs, three practice nurses and two health care assistants and a pharmacist and pharmacy technician.

There is also a business manager, practice lead and a team of reception, administration and secretarial staff.

The practice is open from Monday to Friday with flexible appointment times including telephone consultations. Patients registered at the surgery can access early morning and evening consultations at the practice. There are also evening and weekend appointments available at another local surgery as part of a network of local GP practices.

Out of hours care is provided by Herts Urgent Care via the 111 service.

GP Training practice Approval

The practice was approved as a GP training practice in November 2020, both partners are approved trainers and a salaried GP is being supported to become an approved trainer. There is currently one registrar.

Overall inspection


Updated 18 June 2021

We carried out an announced comprehensive inspection at Hampton Health on 10 June 2021. Overall, the practice is rated as Good overall.

The key questions are rated as:

Are services safe? – Good

Are services effective? – Good

Are services caring? – Good

Are services responsive? – Good

Are services well-led? – Good

Following our previous comprehensive inspection on 9 May 2019, the practice was rated Requires improvement overall and for providing safe and caring services. The practice was rated as Good for providing effective, responsive and well led services. As a result of our findings, the practice was issued a requirement notice for a breach of regulation 17 Good governance.

The full reports for previous inspections can be found by selecting the ‘all reports’ link for Hampton Health on our website at www.cqc.org.uk

Why we carried out this inspection

This inspection was a comprehensive review of information with a site visit.

The focus of the inspection included:

  • Inspection of all key questions
  • Follow up of breach of Regulation 17, Good Governance and areas where the provider ‘should’ improve as identified at our previous inspection

How we carried out the inspection

Throughout the pandemic CQC has continued to regulate and respond to risk. However, taking into account the circumstances arising as a result of the pandemic, and in order to reduce risk, we have conducted our inspections differently.

This inspection was carried out in a way which enabled us to spend a minimum amount of time on site. This was with consent from the provider and in line with all data protection and information governance requirements.

This included

  • Conducting staff interviews using video conferencing
  • Completing clinical searches on the practice’s patient records system and discussing findings with the provider
  • Reviewing patient records to identify issues and clarify actions taken by the provider
  • Requesting evidence from the provider
  • A short site visit
  • Gaining feedback from staff by using staff questionnaires
  • Conducting patient interviews using video/telephone conferencing.

Our findings

We based our judgement of the quality of care at this service on a combination of:

  • what we found when we inspected
  • information from our ongoing monitoring of data about services and
  • information from the provider, patients, the public and other organisations.

We have rated this practice as good overall and good for all population groups.

At this inspection we found that:

  • The practice had made the required improvements identified in our last report published May 2019.
  • They had identified further areas of improvement and had recently implemented systems and processes to deliver these improvements. They had newly implemented systems and processes to monitor and ensure these improvements were effective.
  • The practice had been successful in recruiting additional clinical staff to deliver safe and effective management of medicines.
  • Staff dealt with patients with kindness and respect and involved them in decisions about their care.
  • The practice adjusted how it delivered services to meet the needs of patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The practice had been proactive in contacting local care homes to adjust their access as the COVID-19 restrictions lessened.

We did not identify any breach of regulations, but we found areas the provider should:

  • Continue to monitor the newly implemented systems and processes in place to ensure the coding of medical records is consistent.
  • Continue to monitor the newly implemented systems and processes in place to ensure the record keeping of medicine reviews contain sufficient detail.
  • Improve the system to be easily assured that all recruitment checks have been carried out in a timely manner.
  • Continue to encourage patients to attend their cervical screening appointments.
  • Continue to monitor patient satisfaction in particular to getting through on the telephone.

Details of our findings and the evidence supporting our ratings are set out in the evidence tables.

Dr Rosie Benneyworth BM BS BMedSci MRCGP

Chief Inspector of Primary Medical Services and Integrated Care