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Alliance-Pioneer Limited Requires improvement

The provider of this service changed - see old profile


Inspection carried out on 29 June 2021 and 30 June 2021

During a routine inspection

We rated it as requires improvement because:

The provider had failed to maintain good governance systems. Audits of systems and processes to ensure they were effective were not consistently completed. Management oversight of how well the service was working was unstructured and so did not enable the providers to effectively review the quality of the service.

The provider’s management and analysis of data and records was not being consistently used to ensure the service was being well managed, for example by use of key performance indicators to identify any shortfalls in service.

Routine equipment checks completed by the provider failed to identify out of date surplus fire safety equipment on a small proportion of their ambulances. Additionally, staff equipment checks failed to identify one ambulance had out of date medical equipment or that packaging to keep equipment clean had been damaged. This ambulance was undergoing maintenance, so the risk to people using the service was minimised. However, these issues further indicated gaps in the providers’ governance processes.

Ongoing review of staff practical competency and performance through structured supervision and appraisal was not consistently taking place. This meant a review of staff practical skills and how they interaction with the public was not being consistently carried out to ensure the gave a good standard of care in line with Alliance-Pioneer Limited policies and procedures.


Feedback from the public and partner agencies received by the provider was very positive about the care and compassion shown by staff.

The provider worked well with other agencies to meet the needs of people and the local health care systems.

Some governance systems were in place, especially for the work carried out for an NHS trust, to ensure standards were being met.

Staff understood their roles and responsibilities with regards to protecting people from abuse. Hazards to people’s health and safety were identified and action was taken to minimise the risk of harm.

All staff received an induction prior to beginning work for Alliance-Pioneer Limited, and mandatory training was given to ensure staff kept up-to-date with key skills. The management team monitored the training staff had undertaken and ensured this was kept up-to-date.

The maintenance of professional registrations, such as to be a paramedic, were also monitored by the provider to ensure ambulance crews’ professional competencies were up to date.

Staff felt supported by the management team and enjoyed their work.

The registered manager and the management team welcomed feedback and used it to make improvements to the service. We found the leadership team were responsive to our concerns and were honest with us when information did not exist or was found to be out of date. They showed a willingness to make improvement.