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Primrose Hill Surgery

99 Regents Park Road, London, NW1 8UR (020) 7722 0038

Provided and run by:
Dr Abanti Paul

Important: The provider of this service changed - see old profile

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Our current view of the service


Updated 1 March 2024

We carried out an announced assessment of one quality statement, equity of access, under the key question Responsive at Primrose Hill Surgery on the 26 January 2024. Overall, the practice is rated as good overall and the key question responsive continues to be rated as providing a good service. We carried out the assessment as part of our work to understand how practices are working to try to meet peoples demands for access and to better understand the experiences of people who use services and providers. We recognise the work that GP practices have been engaged in to continue to provide safe, quality care to the people they serve. We know staff are carrying this out whilst the demand for general practice remains exceptionally high, with more appointments being provided than ever. However, in this challenging context, access to general practice remains a concern for people. Our strategy makes a commitment to deliver regulation driven by people’s needs and experiences of care. The assessment of the quality statement equity of access includes looking at what practices are doing innovatively to improve patient access to primary care and sharing this information to drive improvement. At this assessment we found: People can access services when they need to, without physical or digital barriers, including out of normal hours and in an emergency. Physical premises and equipment are accessible. People are given support to overcome barriers to ensure equal access. The leaders understood the challenges to patient access and responded positively to patient needs.

People's experience of the service

Updated 1 March 2024

In the 2023 National GP Patient Survey, the four key indicators we use to measure access were above the local and national averages. The practice showed a significant positive variation regarding access to the practice by phone. The remaining three indicators related to; overall experience of making an appointment; satisfaction with GP practice appointment time; and satisfaction with the appointments they were offered. All three indicators were higher than the local and national averages. The practice had reviewed and were actively responding to the survey results to continuously improve patient experience.