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Barnsley Recovery Steps Good


Inspection carried out on 4 to 5 December 2018

During a routine inspection

We rated Barnsley Recovery Steps as good because:

  • The service had a strong and positive culture. Staff were committed to delivering a service that was inclusive, non-judgemental and caring. The feedback from clients was universally positive about the service and the staff that worked there. The service sought feedback from clients and acted upon this to improve the service. Clients had been involved in co-producing the provider’s vision, mission and values.
  • It was very clean and well-maintained and had a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Governance systems and processes assessed, monitored and improved the quality and safety of the service. Systems and processes were not over burdensome for staff to generate information required on performance. The incident reporting and management system was robust and reports were developed to identify trends and learning from incidents. Most of the issues that we identified had been identified by the provider and leaders had a plan in place to address these.
  • The service had strong links with external organisations. They provided a hospital liaison service, specialist midwifery, had increased the uptake of hepatitis C treatment significantly and had set up a training skills exchange.
  • Overall, mandatory training rates were high at 95%.
  • Staff understood their roles and responsibilities in safeguarding adults and children at risk and carried these out.


  • Clients care plans and risk assessments did not fully reflect the personalised and holistic care and treatment that was delivered in practice and was documented in other parts of clients’ care and treatment records.
  • The service’s environmental risk assessments did not consider the risk of potential ligature anchor points.