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Via - New Beginnings - Brent

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Willesden Centre for Health, Robson Avenue, London, NW10 3RY 0300 303 461

Provided and run by:
Via Community Ltd

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30 & 31 July 2019

During a routine inspection

We rated WDP Brent - Willesden Centre as good because:

  • The service provided safe care. The premises where clients were seen were safe and clean. The number of clients on each person’s caseloads was not too high to prevent staff from giving each client the time they needed. Staff assessed and managed risk well and followed good practice with respect to safeguarding.
  • Staff worked well with their NHS partner to ensure clients had access to the full range of specialists required to meet their physical and mental health needs. Staff developed holistic, recovery-oriented care plans informed by a comprehensive assessment, with thorough contingency planning in place.
  • Managers ensured that staff received training relevant to their role, as well as supervision and appraisal.
  • Staff treated clients with compassion and kindness and understood their individual needs. They actively involved clients in decisions and care planning. Clients attended a local service user forum, which met monthly, in addition to a monthly strategic service user group across WDP.
  • The service was easy to access. Staff planned and managed discharge well and had alternative pathways for people whose needs it could not meet.
  • The service encouraged innovation and worked closely with its NHS partner to run Quality Improvements (QI) projects. Projects included reducing supervised consumption of controlled drugs and wellbeing training that included service users.
  • The service participated in a provider wide reward card scheme to encourage clients to engage with the service.


  • The service had not completed any of the required statutory notifications in respect of service user deaths and allegations of abuse related to the service without delay, as required since registration with the Care Quality Commission in April 2018.