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Updated 26 April 2019

About the service: Blenheim Court Care Home is a care home which also provides nursing care to up to 60 older persons, some of whom live with dementia. At the end of August 2018, the company directors and senior managers changed. In December 2019 a new manager began working in this care home and became registered with CQC just before the inspection.

At the time of our inspection there were 22 people living in the home and although there were registered nurses on site, no one was in receipt of nursing care.

People’s experience of using this service:

• People told us they were happy with the service they received at Blenheim Court Care Home. They said they felt safe and that staff were kind, caring and respectful. A variety of activities were available although some people’s comments suggested they were not always satisfied with these. The registered manager had plans to further develop and enhance activity provision.

• Staffing levels met people’s needs and plans were in place to continue the recruitment and development of staffing. Staff felt supported in their roles and were given access to training that enabled them to provide effective care to people. Medicines were managed safely and people were supported by effective staff who understood their responsibility to keep people safe.

• Staff’s knowledge of people’s history, preferences and risks associated with their care and support needs was good. Staff respected and encouraged people to make their own decisions. However, care records required further development to ensure they provided accurate guidance to new or less familiar staff about people’s needs.

• Everyone had confidence in the registered manager and could tell us about things they felt had improved since the management changes had occurred.

• The management team were open and transparent. They understood their regulatory responsibility. No one had any complaints and felt the management team were open, approachable and supportive. Everyone was confident the provider would take the necessary actions to address any concerns promptly. Feedback about the management team demonstrated they listened and took any feedback as an opportunity to make improvements for people.

Rating at last inspection: This was the first inspection since the service became registered with CQC on 12 February 2018.

Why we inspected: This was a planned inspection in line with CQC’s inspection methodology to ensure the provider was meeting the requirements of the legislation.

Follow up: There is no required follow up to this inspection but we will continue to monitor all information received about the service, to understand any risks that may arise and to ensure the next inspection is scheduled accordingly.

For more details, please see the full report which is on the CQC website at

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Requires improvement

Updated 26 April 2019

The service was not always safe

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Updated 26 April 2019

The service was effective

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Updated 26 April 2019

The service was caring

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Updated 26 April 2019

The service was not always responsive

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Updated 26 April 2019

The service was well-led

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