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Renaissance Personnel Ltd (Kentish Town) Requires improvement

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Requires improvement

Updated 29 March 2019

About the service: Renaissance Personnel Ltd (Kentish Town) provides personal care and support to people living either in their own home or in a supported living scheme. There were approximately 46 people using the service and receiving the regulated activity of personal care and treatment of disease, disorder or injury.

People’s experience of using this service:

We found shortfalls related to the monitoring of the service quality and we could not be assured that care provided by the service was always safe. The shortfalls were related to medicines management and governance. We also found that improvements were needed to improve how people with no capacity were supported to make decisions and how records related to people’s care were audited and stored.

There were not always clear records related to what medicines people were prescribed. Medicines administration records (MARs) did not always have sufficient information about medicines staff were giving to people. Not all MARs were completed at the time of administration as required by the law. Staff competencies in medicines administration had not been checked to ensure they knew how to administer medicines safely.

There were enough staff deployed to support people. However, staff rotas showed care visits were often scheduled back to back with no time for staff to travel. Staff confirmed this was the case.

There was evidence of mental capacity assessments in place and most people we spoke with said staff asked for their permission before providing personal care. However, some people and relatives said that at times staff provided personal care routinely without discussing it with people. People’s care plans did not have sufficient information of what decision people could make when they were assessed as lacking capacity.

We discussed our concerns with the registered manager and members of the management team. They were responsive to our feedback and assured us action would be taken to address issues highlighted during the inspection.

People told us they felt safe with staff who supported them. There were systems and procedures in place to help protect people and ensure their safety. The recruitment procedure ensured that people were protected from unsuitable staff. There were risk assessments in place to guide staff on how to manage and minimise risks to people’s health and wellbeing. Staff understood how to protect people from potential abuse from others. The agency took appropriate action when they thought people were at risk of harm. Staff received infection control training and they followed appropriate infection control measures when supporting people.

The agency had received positive feedback from people using the service and staff who worked there. People thought the agency was well managed and staff were appropriately trained to support them. Staff felt supported and listened to by the members of the management team.

When possible, people were supported by the same staff therefore positive friendly relationships could be created between people and staff.

Staff had received induction to the agency as well as training to ensure they had skills to support people. Staff received supervision and appraisals of their skills from the management team to help them to support people effectively.

People said staff knew their needs well. People had individualised care plans which had sufficient information about people and how to support them. The agency was in the process of introducing a new online care planning system. The aim was to enable an immediate update of people’s changing needs so staff could have an instant access to the most current information about people’s needs.

Staff were given guidelines on how to help people to live a healthy life. Staff supported people to have sufficient food and drink and a nutritional diet that matched people’s requirements and preferences. When needed, staff ensured people had access to health professionals so their changi

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Requires improvement

Updated 29 March 2019

The service was not always safe

Details are in our Safe findings below.


Requires improvement

Updated 29 March 2019

The service was not always effective

Details are in our Effective findings below.



Updated 29 March 2019

The service was caring

Details are in our Caring findings below.



Updated 29 March 2019

The service was responsive

Details are in our Responsive findings below.


Requires improvement

Updated 29 March 2019

The service was not always well-led

Details are in our Well-Led findings below.