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Inspection carried out on 21 October 2013

During an inspection looking at part of the service

Oxford DentalMed is a small family run dental practice. We met with the registered manager, the dentist and receptionist on the day of our visit. We carried out this visit to see whether the practice had taken action to address matters of non-compliance found during our last visit in May 2013.

We were not able to speak with patients because none were booked to attend for treatment at the time of our visit.

In May 2013 we found that the practice had not followed all guidance to reduce the risk and spread of infection. We saw that significant progress had been made. A legionella risk assessment had been carried out and action taken on recommendations contained in the risk assessment. For example, the quality of water going into dental units was being regularly checked.

At the last inspection we found the practice did not have effective quality assurance systems in place. Significant progress had been made. We saw that the practice was undertaking audits to check quality of x-rays. Patient views were sought and acted upon. Patient feedback informed the practice that patients wanted reminders of when their appointment was due. We saw that the system to remind patients of their appointment had been improved to ensure patients were sent a reminder two days before their appointment.

Inspection carried out on 31 May 2013

During a routine inspection

We met with the registered manager and the dentist during our visit to Oxford DentalMed. We spoke with two members of staff and with the four patients' who attended for treatment.

Patients told us they had sufficient information to make decisions about their treatment. A patient told us the dentist "Explained the things I needed". Another patient said "Of course my treatment is explained before it starts". The four patients we spoke with said they had a choice of appointments to suit them.

Patients received treatment that met their needs and followed their treatment plans. We saw detailed treatment plans in patients records. A patient told us their treatment was "Very fine". A second patient said "I'm never bothered about seeing the dentist. I'm very happy". One patient had travelled from a neighbouring county because the dentist had been recommended to them.

The practice was clean. Many appropriate cleaning and control of infection regimes were in place. However, we found that not all of the control of infection guidance expected in the Department of Health "Decontamination in primary care dental practices" was being followed. For example control of infection audits had not been carried out.

Both staff said they were happy working at the practice. We saw that adequate training for staff was in place.

The practice did not have robust systems in place to monitor the quality of service delivered. Patient questionnaires were available but not completed.