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Archived: NCC First Support - Norwich

Carrow House, 301 King Street, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 2TN 07545 831541

Provided and run by:
Norfolk County Council

All Inspections

8 January 2014

During a routine inspection

An inspection of NCC First Support Norwich and NCC First Support East was carried out during the same visit to an office shared by both services. Both services shared processes and procedures, so some aspects of the two reports will be similar.

We found that every person had a thorough assessment of their needs, and a plan of care was put in place to meet the person's needs. People were protected from harm because the service had assessed risks to the person and put control measures in place where necessary. One person told us, "It's really helped me. I feel better already". Another person told us, "I couldn't manage without it. It's been a godsend".

We found that there was an appropriate recruitment and selection process in place at the service. The service ensured people were suitably experienced and skilled before they began working with people. One person told us, "They're really helpful" when discussing the staff that support them.

We found that there was an effective system for monitoring and assessing the service in place. Audits were carried out to identify issues and people were asked for their feedback on the service in a variety of ways.

We found that there was an effective complaints procedure in place, and people were made aware of this.

We found that the service kept appropriate records for staff and people using the service, and that these were kept securely.

19 October 2012

During a routine inspection

We spoke with three service users who confirmed that they were happy with the service they received. We asked each person if they felt staff were respectful and ensured their dignity was maintained. One person responded 'Oh yes, I find them extremely respectful' and another person commented 'I cannot speak of them highly enough, I have always felt comfortable'.

We noted from our review of the most recent user satisfaction surveys that all comments made about the care received were positive. For example, comments included 'The only difficulty I have is finding the right words to express my gratitude and thanks for the care and help you gave me' and, 'I was satisfied from the start of the service I received and was treated with kindness and friendliness always'.

We spoke with five members of staff about their knowledge of safeguarding people from abuse. They all demonstrated an understanding of the signs of abuse and the actions they would take if they suspected abuse was taking place. Staff were able to explain reporting requirements and how allegations of abuse would be dealt with.

We found that staff were appropriately trained and supported to undertake their roles. The five members of staff we spoke with all stated they loved their jobs and found management to be approachable and reliable.