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Archived: Independent Living Service

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Inspection carried out on 8, 9 July 2013

During a routine inspection

During our inspection we visited three services where people were being supported. We spoke with eight people to gain their views and experiences about the services they received. People told us that their rights were respected and that they were supported in making choices and decisions regarding their care. All of the people we spoke with confirmed that they were treated with dignity and respect and said that staff were polite and friendly. One person told us "Staff support me to be independent. I can make choices and decisions."

People had detailed care plans and risk assessments in place which helped staff to understand and meet people's needs. A person we spoke with said "I talk to staff about the support I need."

There were policies and procedures in place which helped to protect people from abuse. Issues raised were referred appropriately to the local authority's safeguarding of vulnerable adult's team for further investigation or advice. This helped to protect and safeguard people.

We saw that there were sufficient staff on duty and staff received training to ensure that they had the skills they needed to be able to look after people safely. Training was updated periodically to help to maintain the staff's skills.

There were good quality monitoring systems in place to gain the views and opinions of people regarding the way in which the service was ran. One person told us "We have tenants meetings and I can talk to staff about my views and opinions."

Inspection carried out on 20 August 2012

During a routine inspection

We observed that staff respected people’s rights, privacy and dignity. One person said “I am always treated with dignity".

People told us they got the care and support they needed. One person said “I like it here. I go out to work and can go out and socialise". Another person said “I am well cared for by staff".

People told us that they could and would raise issues and felt issues would be looked into.

People said they felt there were enough staff to look after them. The people we spoke with said that they liked the staff. One person said "I have helped to interview my staff, I like them all".

People said they were able to share their views and said their opinions about the services they received were asked for by the staff and management. One person said “I am on a committee, we have meetings to discuss things".