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Social Care Solutions Ltd (Bedford & Northampton) Requires improvement

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We are carrying out a review of quality at Social Care Solutions Ltd (Bedford & Northampton). We will publish a report when our review is complete. Find out more about our inspection reports.

Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating

Requires improvement

Updated 8 June 2019

About the service:

Social Care Solutions Ltd (Bedford & Northampton) provides care and support to people living in a variety of 'supported living' settings, so that they can live as independently as possible. People's care and housing are provided under separate contractual agreements. CQC does not regulate premises used for supported living; this inspection looked at people's personal care and support.

Not everyone using Social Care Solutions Ltd (Bedford & Northampton) receives a regulated activity; CQC only inspects the service being received by people provided with ‘personal care’; help with tasks related to personal hygiene and eating. Where they do we also take into account any wider social care provided.

At the time of this inspection 90 adults were using the service who had a range of care needs including learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorder, dementia, mental health, physical disabilities and sensory impairments. Of these, 49 were receiving personal care.

People’s experience of using this service:

There had been lots of changes in the management team since our last inspection. A new manager had started around two months before this inspection. They understood their responsibilities and had some good ideas about how to improve the service.

Staff provided care and support in a kind and compassionate way, but there were many staff vacancies. These were being covered by agency staff and people told us they wanted regular staff who would get to know them well and provide consistency of care and support. New training was being arranged to make sure staff had the right skills and knowledge to meet people’s needs.

The service generally acted in line with legislation and guidance regarding seeking people’s consent but improvements were needed to make sure people always agreed about what they spent their money on.

Systems to protect people from abuse and avoidable harm and risks were in place and the new manager was making changes to improve these.

The service acted in line with the principles and values that underpin Registering the Right Support and other best practice guidance. This ensures that people who use the service can live as full a life as possible and achieve the best possible outcomes. The principles reflect the need for people with learning disabilities and/or autism to live meaningful lives that include control, choice, and independence.

People were enabled to have maximum choice and control of their lives and staff supported them in the least restrictive way possible; the policies and systems in the service supported this practice. The new area manager had plans to improve communication methods for people, where needed and to increase opportunities for people to achieve their goals and aspirations.

People’s privacy, dignity, and independence was respected and promoted.

Systems were in place for people to raise any concerns or complaints they might have about the service. Feedback was responded to in a positive way, to improve the quality of service provided.

Arrangements were in place to involve people in developing the service and seek their feedback.

Improvements were taking place to enhance the systems to monitor the quality of service provision and to drive continuous improvement. Opportunities for the service to learn and improve were welcomed and acted upon, and the service worked in partnership with other agencies for the benefit of the people living there.

Rating at last inspection:

The service was rated Requires Improvement (report published on 14 September 2018).

After the last inspection on 7 and 8 August 2018, we asked the provider to act to make improvements to manage identified risks to people, staff recruitment checks, supporting people to make their own decisions in line with relevant legislation and guidance and quality monitoring processes.

During this inspection we found that improvements had been made in all these areas but due to changes in the manag

Inspection areas


Requires improvement

Updated 8 June 2019

The service was not always safe

Details are in our Safe findings below.


Requires improvement

Updated 8 June 2019

The service was not always effective

Details are in our Effective findings below.



Updated 8 June 2019

The service was caring

Details are in our Caring findings below.


Requires improvement

Updated 8 June 2019

The service was not always responsive

Details are in our Responsive findings below.


Requires improvement

Updated 8 June 2019

The service was not always well led

Details are in our Well Led findings below.