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Archived: Shalom Home Care Ltd

51 Warren, Thurmaston, Leicester, LE4 9WX (0116) 276 5935

Provided and run by:
Shalom Home Care Limited

Important: This service is now registered at a different address - see new profile

All Inspections

14 May 2013

During an inspection looking at part of the service

We spoke with one person who used the service, two carers and five members of staff. We also reviewed 11 care plan review records

We reviewed 11 care plan review records and found evidence that people's care needs had been discussed and their views documented. The people who used the service had also signed the documentation, which verified their agreement with the plan of care.

We saw evidence that 44% of care records and risk assessments had been reviewed in April 2013 and when considered necessary changes had been made to the plan of care. The manager explained that all care records would be reviewed by the end of June 2013

We also saw evidence that ten spot checks and three observational assessments had been carried out since April 2013. The learning and development manager explained that these checks and assessments were used to develop the staff training programme

Quality issues were discussed in all the meetings and we saw issues identified through spot checks, care record monitoring, the quality assurance survey and complaints formed part of the agenda for the meetings.

19 March 2013

During a routine inspection

We spoke with 3 people who used the service, one carer, four members of staff. We also reviewed four care records and three staff files.

One person who used the service told us;' My care needs were discussed before I received my care package'. However we saw no evidence that the care records had been signed by the people since 2010.

We saw evidence that risk assessments had been reviewed and changes implemented as required in 2012 but found no evidence of reviews taking place in the first quarter of 2013 or that the people who used the service had been consulted about their care and support requirements during this time period.

The manager explained that all staff had received training in safeguarding in September 2009. We spoke to the in house trainer who explained that safeguarding training was conducted for all staff on a three yearly basis and all new staff received the training in their induction period.

All the staff we spoke with were able to explain that they had attended a two day induction. We saw no evidence of supervisions or observational checks being carried out in 2013. The manager explained that observational checks had been carried out in 2012 but the practice had lapsed recently.

We saw quality assurance questionnaires completed in 2012. The questionnaires were completed and signed by a member of staff and the person who used the service.