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Inspection carried out on 2 May 2014

During a routine inspection

Bluebird Care is a domiciliary care agency providing personal care and/or domestic support to people living in their own homes.

At the time of our inspection the agency provided personal care and support for approximately 50 people receiving a mixture of personal care, domestic duties and personal shopping.

There was a registered manager in post who was supported by two care co-ordinators in the office and an operations manager from the parent company, Beachwood Homecare.

We found that all the people using this agency had been fully assessed before the service started. This assessment was completed prior to the service starting and ensured that the agency could provide the relevant care and support. The information from this assessment was used to formulate a plan of care that was personal to the individual.

The recruitment and selection process was robust with all new staff fully vetted before they were appointed to make certain only suitable people, who had not been barred from working with vulnerable adults, were employed to support people in their own homes. This meant that people were cared for by staff who had been thoroughly checked prior to starting work.

Staff training was up to date and staff were supported through face to face supervision meetings with their line manager. This ensured staff were fully aware of their roles and responsibilities when caring for elderly, vulnerable people.

There was an internal quality audit system in place and home visits were made by the senior staff to check on the quality of care provided. This system of audits or checks meant that the provider had a good understanding of what was good care and support.

Inspection carried out on 7 November 2013

During a routine inspection

We received many comments from the people we spoke to, for example:

“I would recommend this agency to anyone they are a lovely set of girls and always have a smile on their face.”

“I have experience of another care agency. I was not happy with their quality of care and I asked to change provider. I had to wait for a space with Bluebird as they couldn’t provide the times I wanted visits. I have never regretted changing, they are absolutely excellent.”

“I have peace of mind. My mother is looked after very well.”

“I am more than happy with the service, they run an excellent ship. I have never been left without care and I know the agency has gone through some difficult times.”

The people we spoke to during our inspection told us that they received the same care staff every week. One person said, “They seem to hold on to their staff. We have never had our support cancelled. Sometimes we get different people than the ones on our rota but it is always someone we know.”

One of the questions on the satisfaction surveys we looked at asked people what they valued the most about the service. One person answered, “The consistency of staff and the quality of care provided.” Another person wrote, “The service provided is absolutely first class. We are very fortunate. Without exception, staff are polite and helpful.”

We found that the provider had made the improvements we asked him to make following our last inspection of this service. Care records and risk assessments were accurate and up to date. People told us that they had received an assessment of their care and support needs and had been involved in the development of their care plans.

We found that the staff at the agency were well supported and had been provided with appropriate training and supervision to help them carry out their role effectively and safely.

Inspection carried out on 31 May 2012

During an inspection to make sure that the improvements required had been made

We contacted some of the people that use this service via telephone.

We asked them for their views and comments on the service they receive from Bluebird Care (Carlisle and Dumfries).

Some of the comments we received from people using the service included:

‘We were given information about the service before we started receiving care’

‘I have fairly regular staff visiting me and I know them well, they are all very helpful. We are very clear about the support we can expect. The staff are absolutely smashing.’

They came to see us and explained what support could and could not be provided.’

‘Care needs have changed a couple of times but the agency has managed these without any problems’.

‘They are generally very helpful in the office and I have not had to make any complaints.’

‘I know who to contact if I have any concerns, they are very good.’

Inspection carried out on 19 April 2012

During an inspection in response to concerns

This review was undertaken in response to a series of serious concerns that CQC had been made aware of by the local authority safeguarding team.

We did not speak to people using this service as part of this review due to the nature of the concerns and the involvement of other organisations.

We will speak with people using this service at our next compliance review of Bluebird Care (Carlisle and Dumfries).