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Archived: Wealdon Centre


Inspection carried out on 30 October 2012

During a routine inspection

We spoke with ten people who used the service. We spoke with three volunteers at the service, two seconded staff and four employees of the service.

People who used the service were pleased with the quality of the care they received. They felt very well supported by the groups that they attended. Comments included, �I do it (attend group sessions) because it works� and �goals do have to be set and they do work�.

They felt the relationship with their key worker was productive though some were more effective than others. Key workers treated them with dignity. The fact that often key workers were volunteers who had had the same problems was seen as very positive by people who used the service.

People said that the care planning was current, �every time I see (name of key worker) the plan is moving forwards or backwards�.

People said the service took safeguarding seriously. Where there were children involved people said that social services had been notified and involved in planning for the child�s safety.