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Inspection carried out on 9 April 2013

During a routine inspection

We met with the provider and dental nurse, along with a person attending for treatment. We also contacted people who used the service by telephone.

The provider was clearly proud of what they had achieved in a relatively short space of time. The dental nurse spoke favourably about the provider. One person we spoke with said they were impressed with the provider. They told us they �cannot fault the practice� and how they had told friends who were now attending for treatment. One person told us how they were �anxious and put at ease�. Others described their satisfaction. One person said it was �the best� and told us they had recommended the practice to a friend. They said that the practice was always clean and the treatment had been �professionally done�. Another person said they were pleased they had found the practice.

People were given advice and information about the treatment they received before giving consent. The practice demonstrated a caring approach offering a range of treatments to all of society, having made the premises accessible to those with mobility needs. Suitable arrangements were in place for medical emergencies. Although the practice was fairly new with only the provider and one employee, we saw systems in place to safely recruit staff, support them and protect people.

There were systems to monitor the quality of service, respond to complaints and a commitment to learn from them.