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Archived: Crossroads Care Surrey - West

This service is now registered at a different address - see new profile


Inspection carried out on 17 February 2014

During a routine inspection

We were met by the registered manager who explained to us that the service provided respite support to unpaid carers (relatives) of adults and children in their own homes. Because of the vulnerable nature of the people who were being cared for we spoke with the carers to get their views on the service.

We found that people who used the service were always being asked by staff if they consented to their care, and their right to refuse care was being respected. We also found the provider had a process in place to deal with situations where decisions had to be taken in a person�s best interest.

We found that carers were very happy with the support offered by the service. They said things like: �the service is absolutely brilliant� and: �it�s my lifeline.� We also found that people�s needs were being properly assessed, managed and reviewed.

We found that people were being properly protected against abuse and staff were able to identify, respond to, and report abuse. All the people and relatives we spoke with said they felt safe having carers in their home.

We found that there were enough staff to provide an effective respite service to all the carers and that staff had enough time to travel between visits.

We found that the provider was regularly obtaining feedback from people and staff. We also found that the provider was developing systems to monitor and assess the whole service on a regular basis.

Inspection carried out on 22 March 2013

During a routine inspection

We spoke with three people whose relatives used the service. One person we spoke with said; �The carers are all very good and consistent. They seem to do a lot of training and know how to care. Both myself and my relative are heavily involved in the care and my relative�s dignity is always respected�. A second person we spoke with said; �They�re wonderful, I can�t fault them. All the carers are good and are trained regularly. I feel like they know what they�re doing and I have no concerns about the level of care. They are very respectful and I trust them�. A third person we spoke with said; �The level of care is very good. They ask us questions and involve us. We were given lots of information from them�.

We found people and their relatives had been involved in the planning and delivery of their care. Detailed risk assessments had been completed and regularly reviewed. Staff had been trained in safeguarding vulnerable adults and safeguarding children and knew the processes to follow should they have any concerns. The service had a recruitment policy which had been followed when recruiting staff. The service had ensured staff received mandatory training before they started work and provided staff with further training opportunities. Staff supervisions and yearly appraisals had taken place regularly. Feedback had been sought from people, their relatives and staff in order to improve the service.