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Archived: Health Professionals Homecare Highgate

This service was previously registered at a different address - see old profile


Inspection carried out on 18 February 2014

During a routine inspection

Before people received any care or treatment they were asked for their consent and the provider acted in accordance with their wishes. People were provided with information about the service and the support that they would receive. Care plans and assessments were signed by people to confirm their agreement. Staff members received information and training about capacity and cognition and were aware of what they should do if they had any concerns.

Care plans and risk assessments were regularly reviewed and contained guidance for staff about how to meet the needs of the person whom they were supporting.

One person who used the service told us, "It's a very good service and I have no complaints." A family carer said, "This is the best support that we have had from any agency."

Effective measures were in place to reduce the risk of infection. We saw there were up to date policies and procedures, and there was evidence that measures were in place to ensure that infection control procedures were followed.

We saw that effective recruitment processes were in place, and that checks had been undertaken regarding the suitability of staff prior to commencement of employment.

We saw that there was an effective complaints system in place. People were provided with information about the provider's complaints procedure and knew what to do if they had a concern.

Inspection carried out on 26 February 2013

During a routine inspection

People who used the service indicated that they were satisfied with the care and support they received. One person said: �It [the service] is fine�. Another person told us that they were �very happy� and that staff always treated them respectfully.

People who used the service had care plans and risk assessments in their files. We noted that people were involved in their care plans and were offered choices in how they wished to be supported. This ensured that people�s needs were met.

We noted that people who used the service were supported by the same staff regularly. This meant that people were supported by staff who were familiar with and able to meet their needs.

The agency had arrangements in place to ensure that staff had appropriate training to be able to provide the care people needed. People who used the service felt that they were safe when receiving care. They indicated that there was a quality monitoring system and that they had been asked for their views about the quality of the service. This ensured that people had the opportunity to make comments and influence the quality of the service.