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Horizon Drug and Alcohol Recovery Good

Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating


Updated 27 August 2019

We rated Horizon Drug and Alcohol Recovery as good because:

  • Clinical premises where clients were seen were safe and clean. There were polices and procedures regarding the safety of medicines. Staff assessed and managed risk well and followed good practice with respect to safeguarding.
  • The service provided a range of treatments that were informed by best-practice guidance and suitable to the needs of the clients. The service was working well with other agencies. Managers ensured that staff received training, supervision and appraisals.
  • There were enough staff who were suitably trained. Staff understood the services vision and values. Staff felt supported.
  • Clients were encouraged to live healthier lives. Clients described staff as kind and they involved them in their care. Families and carers also had access to support.
  • The service was easy to access. Complaints were dealt with appropriately and fairly. Leaders were visible in the service and available to staff and clients.


  • Recovery plans had not improved since the last inspection. Recovery plans remained brief and with insufficient detail. Recovery plans did not contain all information regarding clients care and treatment.
Inspection areas



Updated 27 August 2019

We rated safe as good because:

  • The premises were clean, well maintained and provided adequate spaces to see clients in.

  • There were enough suitably qualified staff to meet clients’ needs.

  • Staff carried out comprehensive risk assessments and clients had a risk management plan in place which corresponded with the identified risks.

  • Staff were all up to date with their training.

  • All staff had received safeguarding training and were aware of their responsibilities in relation to safeguarding. A safeguarding lead was in place and staff met weekly with adult social care staff to discuss complex clients.

  • Policies and procedures were in place to ensure the safe prescribing and handling of medicines.


Requires improvement

Updated 27 August 2019

We rated effective as requires improvement because:

  • Recovery plans were brief, lacked detail and were not holistic. Recovery plans did not contain enough information about clients care and treatment.However:

  • The service provided a range of evidence-based care and treatment options.

  • All staff received regular supervision and managers provided staff with a yearly appraisal.

  • Clients were supported to live healthier lives and clients were offered blood borne virus testing as part of a range of interventions offered to help improve client’s health.

  • Staff worked closely with other agencies to increase the support they could offer clients.



Updated 27 August 2019

We rated caring as good because:

  • Staff treated clients with compassion and kindness. They understood the individual needs of clients and supported clients to understand and manage their care, treatment or condition.

  • Staff involved clients in recovery planning and risk assessment and actively sought their feedback on the quality of care provided.

  • Staff informed and involved families and carers appropriately.



Updated 27 August 2019

We rated responsive as good because:

  • The service was easy to access. Its referral criteria did not exclude clients who would have benefitted from care. Staff assessed and treated clients who required urgent care promptly and clients who did not require urgent care did not wait too long to start treatment. Staff followed up clients who missed appointments.

  • The service met the needs of all clients including those with a protected characteristic.

  • The service treated concerns and complaints seriously, investigated them and learned lessons from the results, and shared these with all staff.



Updated 27 August 2019

We rated well-led as good because:

  • Leaders had the skills, knowledge and experience to perform their roles, had a good understanding of the services they managed, and were visible in the service and approachable for clients and staff.

  • Staff knew and understood the provider’s vision and values and how they were applied in the work of their team.

  • Staff felt respected, supported and valued. They reported that the provider promoted equality and diversity in its day-to-day work and in providing opportunities for career progression. They felt able to raise concerns without fear of retribution.

Checks on specific services

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Updated 21 November 2018

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Updated 27 August 2019

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