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Archived: Dimensions 61 Somerset Road


Inspection carried out on 28 February 2012

During a routine inspection

We spoke with one person who was able to communicate verbally. Other people who use the service communicate through non-verbal methods. We observed care practices in order to find out about their experiences.

Staff interacted positively with people using the service and maintained their privacy and dignity throughout the duration of our visit. There was a cheerful and inclusive atmosphere in the home and staff respected people�s choices. Staff were able to interpret people�s gestures and non-verbal communication, and responded appropriately to these, ensuring people�s needs were met. People using the service looked well cared for, appeared relaxed and showed signs of well-being. We asked a person if they liked living at the home, and they told us �yes, its alright, not bad not bad�. People had a busy schedule of activities.

When we asked a person who used the service if they felt safe at the home, they answered �yes, it�s alright�. People appeared comfortable in the presence of staff and in the company of each other. We asked a person using the service if they felt there was enough staff to support them at the home. They answered �yes�. Staffing levels were adequate for enabling people to live active lives, but management cover could be strengthened to assure the quality of care.