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Inspection carried out on 4 April 2013

During a routine inspection

People who have received treatment at The Manor Dental Care Centre told us: �The dentist coached me through everything, I am over the moon.�

�It really helps that I get email reminders about my appointments.�

�From reception onwards they treat you very well.�

We sampled three electronic records which included scanned copies of signed consent. The consent letter detailed the treatment, treatment plans, estimated length of treatment and cost.

The practice was modern and contemporary, with a light and spacious waiting area which had a range of up to date magazines for patients to read whilst waiting.

The Manor Dental Practice also offers treatment to nervous patients and people with dental phobia, by offering a sedation clinic. The manager told us that although they do not have many patients whom ultimately choose sedation, they take this very seriously and have a specialist anaesthetist to treat these patients.

We saw the safeguarding policy, which included a simple flow chart of action and details of who to contact within the local authority should they have any concerns.

A dental nurse discussed the practice infection control daily procedures and showed us records of the checks they carried out.

The manager showed us the results of a patient satisfaction survey carried out in 2012. We noted majority of areas were rated as good to very good. 94% of those surveyed, said the friendliness of the dentist and care and attention as very good.