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Dimensions East Anglia Domiciliary Care Office Outstanding

Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating


Updated 7 October 2017

Dimensions East Anglia provides supported living and personal care for people with complex learning disabilities. At the time of our inspection, 178 people were using the service.

There was a registered manager in post. A registered manager is a person who has registered with the Care Quality Commission to manage the service. Like registered providers, they are ‘registered persons’. Registered persons have legal responsibility for meeting the requirements in the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and associated Regulations about how the service is run.

At the last inspection, the service was rated Good. At this inspection we found the service was Outstanding in three key domains with Good in the remaining two.

The service provided exceptional, compassionate care to people which enhanced their lives, through adaptive and creative ways of communicating, leading to increased understanding and reduction of distress. Staff used individualised methods to promote people’s independence through achieving their identified goals and supporting them through each step. People’s privacy and dignity were highly respected, and this also was reflected in the detailed guidance provided within people’s care records. People were encouraged and supported to express themselves in the most effective way. This had a profoundly positive impact on people’s levels of distress and emotional well-being.

Staff were highly responsive to people’s individual needs, working in line with their preferences, dreams and desires. Care records contained ample guidance for staff on how to meet people’s individual needs and support them to achieve their goals. The service was engaged in creating an innovative approach to caring for people living with learning difficulties focussing on what people wanted to achieve in their lives, how they could overcome any obstacles, and ultimately achieve a positive outcome. People knew how to complain and felt that the management was always responsive to any concerns.

People and their families, where appropriate, were fully involved in the development of their care planning along with health and social care professionals and Dimensions staff. This included the recruitment of appropriate care staff to work with people.

The service was outstandingly well-led. The service actively promoted a positive, inclusive and open culture. The structure of the service worked for people, so that locality managers were always available to support staff and people when needed. The service worked in conjunction with other organisations to improve care, such as participating in research and engaging in external initiatives working towards improving standards and developing the service further. There were robust quality assurance systems in place which monitored the service, identifying potential areas for improvement, and actions were taken to improve these.

Staff were highly motivated and worked as a team and shared a common ethos of providing high quality, compassionate care with regard to people’s individual wishes and support needs. Staff were well-supported and supervised by the management team.

Staff knew how to keep people safe, and how to report any concerns. There were enough staff to keep people safe. People received their medicines as they had been prescribed, and the service was undertaking an initiative to review medicines regularly, with a view to decreasing psychotropic medicines use.

Risk to people was identified promptly and effective plans were put in place to minimise these risks, involving relevant people, such as relatives and other professionals. Where risks were more complex, comprehensive guidance was in place to guide staff, including the most effective approaches to use, or particular communication methods suited to the individual. Guidance was in place for staff so that they could mitigate risk, and support people to take sensible risks as safely as possible.

The manager and staff understood the requirements of th

Inspection areas



Updated 7 October 2017

The service remains Good.

Staff knew how to keep people safe and report concerns.

People were supported safely to take their medicines.

There were enough staff to keep people safe and they were recruited with systems in place to check that they were suitable.



Updated 7 October 2017

The service remains Good.

Staff received training relevant to their roles, as well as regular support and supervision from senior staff.

People�s mental capacity was assessed and best interests decisions were made appropriately with people, families and healthcare professionals.

People were supported to maintain a healthy balanced diet and access health services when they needed.



Updated 7 October 2017

The service was extremely caring.

Staff provided people with compassionate care which empowered people to express themselves.

People were supported and empowered to make choices through effective, creative and innovative support with their communication and understanding of their needs.

People were supported to become more independent through communication and achieving goals. Staff respected people�s privacy, as well we their dignity.

People were supported to create new relationships and maintain those they had.



Updated 7 October 2017

The service was highly responsive.

Staff knew people they supported extremely well, and people received a personalised package of care which involved everyone associated with their care, and was tailored specifically around all their support needs.

People were supported to create and achieve goals and improve outcomes in their lives. Care records contained information about people including their personalities and wishes, and guidance for staff.

People were fully involved in the development and reviewing of their care and support needs, and had regular contact with staff.

People knew how to complain and any concerns were resolves appropriately and in a timely fashion.



Updated 7 October 2017

The service was exceptionally well-led.

There was excellent leadership in place and a structure that supported staff at each level. Staff worked well as a team and followed the values of the organisation.

There were robust quality assurance systems in place to monitor the service, identify any areas for improvement and take action.

The services was striving for improvement and working with externa initiatives and other organisations in order to support developments.