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Archived: Dimensions West Midlands Domiciliary Care Office

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Inspection carried out on 5, 6 December 2013

During a routine inspection

There were 63 people being supported by the service when we inspected. People lived in either �supported living� such as flats and houses or they lived at home with relatives.

We visited the office where the service was organised from. We also visited people in a �supported living� house where people lived. We met and spoke with four people, two relatives, five staff, two locality managers and registered manager.

People said that staff asked for their consent before providing care. One person said, �They always ask me what I want help with. They always listen.� The provider had appropriate systems in place to ensure that people�s mental capacity to consent to their support was documented.

We saw that people were relaxed and comfortable with staff. Staff had a good understanding of the needs of the people they supported. One person told us, �The staff are great and help me to go to lots of different places.� Another person said, �I am happy here, the staff are nice.� And, �I work part time and cook my meals.� One relative said, �The staff are wonderful. They have made such a difference to my relative�s life.�

We found that systems were in place to ensure that people received their medication safely as prescribed by their GP.

Staff were supported, supervised and trained to provide safe and effective care.

Robust systems were in place to audit and monitor the quality of the service so that the need for improvement could be identified to ensure people received quality care that met their needs.

Inspection carried out on 18 February 2013

During a routine inspection

On the day of our inspection we were told that Dimensions West Midlands was providing support to 32 people, with some people receiving support on a twenty-four hour basis to meet their needs. During our visit, we looked at 11 care records and spoke with the manager and the assistant operations director. We later spoke with five care staff and five people that used the service and / or their relative / advocate.

People were invovled in their care and were encouraged to do things for themselves as far as possible.

Care plans were personalised and risk assessments were in place so that staff had the information they needed to meet people's identified needs.

Arrangements were in place to ensure that people were safeguarded against harm.

Staff were supported, supervised and trained in their roles. One staff member told us, "I enjoy my job because I like to see the people I support gain small steps in their confidence".

We saw systems, including easy-read guides, in place so that people could raise a concern or make a complaint about the services that they received. We saw that concerns or complaints that had been raised had been acted upon appropriately. One person using the service told us, "Everything is ok".

We saw some systems in place to audit and monitor the quality of the service being provided.