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Archived: Dimensions 138 All Saints Road


Inspection carried out on 4 December 2013 and 17, 19, 23 January 2014

During a routine inspection

During our inspection visits we met with the registered manager, locality assistant manager, five members of staff and one person that used the service. We also spoke with two people who were relatives of the people who used the service by telephone.

We found care records to be in place for all the people who used the service and we saw that the provider was in the process of updating people�s care records. We saw daily notes in the records that showed the care provided and any concerns that were noted at the time.

We saw that all staff received training in safeguarding adults. We also saw from staff records that appropriate checks had been made by the provider to verify staff�s suitability to work. This meant there were effective recruitment and selection processes in place.

Appropriate arrangements were not in place in relation to the recording of medicines which meant people were put at risk.

There was an ineffective complaints system. Comments and complaints people made were not responded to appropriately. The complaints records were not analysed to prevent reoccurring themes.

There were several serious incidents that had occurred at the home that had not been reported to the Care Quality Commission.

Inspection carried out on 13 February 2013

During a routine inspection

We visited a small respite care unit for people with learning disabilities. We met with people who use the service and with the staff. We were told by one person that they liked "going to the house for a break". We saw that the provider had effective systems in place for the assessment of people's needs and how to provide treatment and care for people.

We observed and read about how people were offered choice and respect. We saw that people's dignity was respected. The staff we met listened to the people who used the service and were aware of their needs. The provider described how important it was to listen to the views of the relatives and had regular meetings with them.