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Other CQC inspections of services

Community & mental health inspection reports for The White House can be found at Brama Care Ltd.

Inspection carried out on 03 December 2019

During a routine inspection

We rated The White House as good because


The White House is an independent hospital that provides treatment and care to male and female patients with eating disorders.

  • Staff completed and regularly updated risk assessments of the environment at the service. Staff knew how to keep patients safe. The service was clean, well maintained and well decorated.
  • Staff assessed the physical health of all patients on admission. They developed individual care plans which reflected patients’ needs and set clear goals. They provided a range of treatment and care for patients in line with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) about best practice.
  • The service had access to a full range of specialists within the multi-disciplinary team. They were discreet, respectful, and responsive to patients. Patients were supported to understand and manage their own care treatment or condition and staff supported access to other services if needed.
  • The service had an extensive admissions process. The provider liaised with services that would provide aftercare managing the discharge care pathway for patients. They understood the arrangements for working with teams both within the service and externally to meet the patients’ needs.
  • Managers at the service had the right skills and abilities to run a service providing quality care. Staff at the service knew what the vision was and demonstrated this in their day to day work, they felt respected, supported and valued. They were proud to work for the provider.


  • The provider did not accurately record the administration of medicines. Staff undertook audits but the concerns we found had not been identified. Therefore, we were not assured that audit processes were effective in identifying errors; this could impact on patients’ safety.
  • Patient records did not show that individual risk assessment was reviewed regularly.
  • Incidents reported had no documented evidence of lessons learnt or feedback to staff from the investigation of these incidents. There was nowhere to record the closing dates of the incident. It was clear this was a documentation and recording issue at the service.