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Archived: Bespoke Care At Home

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Inspection carried out on 31 July 2013

During a routine inspection

At a previous inspection we carried out in March 2013, we found the provider did not meet the regulations required to ensure people were protected from potential harm, as the provider did not have a safeguarding policy and had not ensured staff were trained to recognise safeguarding concerns. Staff were not appropriately supported through supervisions, appraisals or other appropriate measures to ensure care was delivered safely. The provider did not have effective systems in place to monitor the quality of their service provision.

We required the provider to tell us of appropriate changes they would make to address the issues identified. We carried out this inspection once the provider had told us they were compliant with the requirements of the regulations.

We spoke with two people who use the service, and six relatives of others who use the service. They all confirmed they were involved in care planning, and told us staff provided a good level of care. One person who uses the service told us “They take notice of what I want.”

We saw the provider had developed a safeguarding policy, and shared this with people who use the service. They ensured staff were aware of the policy, and could implement it appropriately. Staff had training to support their understanding of safeguarding issues, and were able to identify signs of potential abuse.

Staff received regular supervisions and appraisals, and we saw evidence these were conducted in accordance with the provider’s procedures. One care worker we spoke with said “We communicate well and can always drop into the office. It’s like family.”

We looked at results from a satisfaction survey conducted in April 2013. This collated responses from people who use the service and their relatives. Satisfaction levels were high. The management met regularly to review feedback, policies and procedures to ensure the service was effective in its delivery of care to people.

We saw the provider had a complaints procedure, which was available to all people who use the service. Staff were aware of appropriate actions to take to respond to complaints.

Inspection carried out on 14 March 2013

During a routine inspection

The people who used the service were provided with support for personal care. We asked staff at Bespoke for contact details of a sample of people who used the service and we were able to carry out telephone interviews with four people and two family members.

One person told us the staff were, “really good.” Another person told us staff were,”very polite.” Another person said the staff were, “very satisfactory for the job.”

People’s privacy and dignity were supported. People received care and support that met their needs. People we spoke to confirmed they felt safe in the hands of Bespokes’s care workers. People were not protected from abuse. We saw that there was no safeguarding policy at Bespoke Care.

We found that the provider did not have a robust training programme for staff and staff were not adequately supported. The provider did not have mechanisms in place to assess and monitor the quality of the care provided.