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Archived: Bedford On Call Also known as Bedoc

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Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating

Updated 25 April 2014

Bedford on Call Limited (known as BEDOC) is a group of GPs with practices in North Bedfordshire who work in shifts to provide urgent medical care for their patients outside normal surgery hours. Patients access the service by telephoning their own doctors surgery or by calling NHS Direct.

We carried out an out-of-hours announced inspection of the service on the 29 January 2014. A team made up of a practice nurse, practice manager an expert-by-experience and a GP assisted the inspectors with the inspection.

During the visit we observed care being given, talked to patients and staff and looked at treatment records, policies and procedures and other paper work.

We found that patients who used the service were kept safe and protected from avoidable harm. Care and support was given to patients by a caring team of staff who were responsive to patient’s needs.

We found some dust under examination couches in treatment rooms. Although we did not consider this a significant risk to patient safety we have asked the provider to monitor the cleaning arrangements they have in place to make sure all areas are clean and dust free.

Feedback from patients during the inspection and from people who had completed comment cards all expressed a high level of satisfaction with the service they had received. The majority of patients felt that overall care and treatment was good, that staff were caring and treated people in a sensitive, dignified manner.

There was rigorous monitoring of all clinician performance which ensured that poor performance was dealt with quickly. Because of this, any risk to patient care and safety was minimised.

We found locum doctors were not employed at BEDOC and the only person who was not a permanent member of staff was a nurse, recruited for a specific role. This significantly contributed to the safety of patients.

Inspection areas


Updated 25 April 2014

Patients received a safe service.

Each clinician was closely monitored to ensure that as far as possible patients who used the service were kept safe and protected from avoidable harm.


Updated 25 April 2014

Patients experienced an effective service.

Measures were in place to closely monitor the delivery of treatment and care in accordance with best practice guidance. Patients accessing the out-of-hours service consistently reported that their health care needs were met to a high standard.


Updated 25 April 2014

Patients who had used the service told us that they were very well cared for. They said all the staff had been kind, caring and compassionate towards them.


Updated 25 April 2014

The provider was responsive when meeting patient’s health needs.

Patients can be assured that there are mechanisms in place to respond to and learn lessons when things do not go as well as expected. Complaints about the service were taken seriously and were appropriately responded to in a timely manner.


Updated 25 April 2014

The service was well-led.

There were clear lines of accountability and responsibility within the organisation. Key members of staff were committed to maintaining and improving standard encouraged good working relationships amongst the staff and other stakeholders.