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Archived: CRI-Tunstall


Inspection carried out on 22 January 2014

During a routine inspection

We carried out this inspection to check on the care and welfare of people who used this service.

During the inspection, we spoke with the registered manager, the deputy service manager, a nurse on duty and two members of staff.

On the day of the inspection, we spoke with three people who used the service.

We found that the provider obtained consent from people who used the service in relation to their care and treatment.

We found that people�s care and treatment needs were met.

One person told us: �This is a great service. They [staff] listen to me�.

We found that there were effective recruitment and selection procedures in place.

We found that the provider had an effective complaints system. Comments and complaints were responded to appropriately.

We found that people were protected from the risks of unsafe or inappropriate care and treatment because accurate and appropriate records were maintained.

Inspection carried out on 31 January 2013

During a routine inspection

People who used the service felt supported to achieve their goals. They said that their keyworkers were helpful and supportive and understood their circumstances and needs. One person said, "They have helped me so much to improve and I have more confidence in myself now than I did before."

Staff worked closely with other health professionals and services to ensure that people received coordinated care and support.

Staff were committed to keeping people safe from harm. This included the protection of children and adults.

Staff were supported by the provider to obtain relevant training to meet the specific needs of the people who used the service. A staff member told us,"The training provided by the company is excellent."

The manager and staff were enthusiastic, pro active and committed to helping people recover from addiction and improve their lives.