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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 14 November 2012
Date of Publication: 22 November 2012
Inspection Report published 22 November 2012 PDF

Staff should be properly trained and supervised, and have the chance to develop and improve their skills (outcome 14)

Meeting this standard

We checked that people who use this service

  • Are safe and their health and welfare needs are met by competent staff.

How this check was done

Our judgement

People were cared for by care workers who were supported to deliver care in the person’s own home safely and to an appropriate standard.

The provider was meeting this standard.

User experience

People spoken with were positive about the skills of care workers who visited them. One person told us, “They certainly know what they are doing and have a very professional approach.” One relative told us, “I have no worries; they know what they are talking about and have been very helpful when we have been struggling to find a solution”.

Other evidence

Development, supervision and appraisal

We spoke with the manager about how they supervised staff and managed their personal development. They showed us a record of a one to one meeting with the care worker to discuss working practices and any training needs. We saw that from this meeting training had then been arranged and a personal development plan was in place. The personal development plan showed what the care worker wanted to do and how they would achieve their goals. The manager told us that they carried out one to one supervision every three months as well as an annual appraisal.

We spoke to a care worker who confirmed that they had attended one to one supervision meetings when they discussed working practices and any training and personal development they might need or be interested in. They also confirmed that they spoke with the manager on a regular basis when they could discuss anything they might be concerned about or any changes they might wish to suggest.


The care worker we spoke with told us that they had completed an induction training programme when they first started working for the agency. They confirmed they had then completed a number of ‘shadow shifts’, when they went out with the manager to all the people who received care from the agency.

We saw that the manager used an online training company to ensure all training was up to date. The manager could look at the staff profile online and see when training needed to be refreshed. The manager confirmed that they also had information on local courses and funded training for end of life care. We saw certificates to support that the manager and care worker had completed training relevant to their role and the needs of the people they cared for. The manager told us they would be sourcing dementia care training to widen their knowledge in that area.

The care worker spoken with confirmed that they had attended training and completed on line courses relevant to their role. They told us, “The training has been really good there has been plenty of it to do”.