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Archived: Centre for Dentistry- Christchurch

The provider of this service changed - see new profile


Inspection carried out on 7, 8 August 2013

During a routine inspection

In this report the name of a registered manager appears who was not in post and not managing the regulatory activities at this location at the time of the inspection. Their name appears because they were still a registered manager on our register at the time.

We were supported throughout this inspection visit by the practice manager. We spoke with five people who used the service: all of them stated they were extremely happy with the service they received. Comments we received included, "The staff are wonderful and very professional" and " They always tell me all about my treatment, they are very thorough".

With people's permission we observed two consultations and looked at four people's records.

People experienced care, treatment and support that met their needs.

People were cared for in a clean, hygienic environment. They were protected from the risk of infection because appropriate guidance had been followed.

People were cared for, or supported by, suitably qualified, skilled and experienced staff.

The provider had an effective system in place to identify, assess and manage risks to the health, safety and welfare of people using the service and others.