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Archived: 48 Burton Road

The provider of this service changed - see old profile

The provider of this service changed - see new profile


Inspection carried out on 29 August 2013

During a routine inspection

There were three people living in the home during our inspection. Due to people�s complex needs, we were not always able to speak with everybody about their experience of living there. Where people were unable to tell us about their experiences due to their learning disability, we spent time observing the support they received from staff. We also spoke with three members of staff and the registered manager.

We saw that people received their care in a positive and caring manner. We observed care being provided by staff who had the knowledge and skills to deliver the support that each person needed. The staff were friendly and professional in their approach.

People were supported to take part in activities that were interesting and stimulating so that they had a meaningful lifestyle. People were able to choose what recreational activities to be involved in, including walking, eating out, going to adventure parks and swimming.

Staff told us that they received appropriate training and support in order to provide positive outcomes for people using the service.

We saw that the provider had an effective system in place to assess and monitor the service, which focussed on improvement.

Medication systems were in place and monitored to ensure people received their medicines as prescribed.

Inspection carried out on 9 December 2012

During a routine inspection

We carried out this inspection to check on the care and welfare of people using this service. The inspection was unannounced which meant the provider and the staff did not know we were coming.

People using the service were unable to tell us how they had been involved in decisions relating to their care due to the complexity of their learning disability. However, we were able to observe interactions between members of staff and the people they supported. We also spoke with all three staff on duty and looked at three care records.

During our inspection the staff interacted with people in a positive, sensitive, and respectful manner. Staff we spoke with told us that they had worked at the home for a number of years and they knew the people they supported well. They explained to us about the importance of body language and understanding people�s behaviours, in order that they were supported appropriately.

We saw that people�s needs were assessed and that care records were put in place, which ensured that people�s identified needs were met. Health records confirmed that people were supported to attend appointments with health professionals.

How people preferred to communicate was recorded in their care records. Clear information was provided on how people wanted to be supported and receive their care.

Inspection carried out on 19 December 2011

During an inspection to make sure that the improvements required had been made

Some people who used the service had special communication needs and used a combination of words and sounds to express themselves. Where people were not able to express their views to us we observed interaction between people and staff, how people chose what activities to do and how to spend their time.

We saw that staff were kind and respectful and spoke to people or used aids to communicate with people. Staff had developed good relationships with people and spent time talking with people.

People dressed in their own style and if they needed support, staff helped individuals to continue to take a pride in their appearance. People were supported to have their personal care needs, including having a daily shower and having their hair and nail care addressed.

People could choose how to spend their day and were able to go into the community. People were supported to go shopping, go out to local places of interest and enjoy a meal in a local restaurant. People could participate in their hobbies and interests including walking, music and gardening.

The routines and daily activities were flexible. The staffing was provided to ensure people were able to carry out planned activities. People could be involved in all activities during the day and could choose how to spend their time.