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Archived: Cedar House Nursing & Residential Home


Inspection carried out on 2 May 2013

During a routine inspection

We found that people using the service had detailed assessments of their needs. People using the service had care plans which set out step by step instructions for staff on how to meet the person�s needs. These care records were reviewed monthly.

One person using the service told us, "My only complaint is that I didn't come here sooner. It's brilliant". A relative of a person using the service told us, "It's so-so". One other person using the service told us, "It's improved from last year".

We found that some areas of the home, particularly ensuite and communal bathrooms, were not clean. However, areas of the home such as the kitchen, living room, dining room and conservatory represented a good state of cleanliness. One person told us, "I haven't had my bathroom cleaned today". One other person told us, "It's alright, but my friend put a sweet under my bed sheets once and it was there for four weeks".

We found that there were not enough staff to meet the needs of people using the service. We observed that people waited considerable lengths of time for assistance from staff, and response times to some call bells were poor. One person using the service told us, "They do take a long time to answer call bells, but that's just something we have to cope with. We do need more staff, but the carers we have are brilliant".

We found that there was an effective complaints procedure in place. People's complaints were listened to, acted on and investigated appropriately.

Inspection carried out on 22 October 2012

During a routine inspection

People told us that they knew the staff were very busy but described them as 'all very good' and two people said that the staff were very kind. One told us, "The staff are wonderful". They added that they were very happy. Another said, "The staff are all very good. They help me up and help me with the bath".

We saw that people were able to get up at times closer to those of their choosing than they were when we last visited. One person told us that they had waited for a long time on the day of our inspection, but that they hadn't used their call bell to ask for help. Other people felt that there could sometimes be a delay but that they knew that others in the home needed to have a lot of help from staff.

We spent time in three bedrooms while we were talking to people about their care. We observed beds still unmade at around midday. The manager told us that the priority was to ensure people were provided with the care they needed first. During the course of our visit, staff started on this task.

Three people were unsure whether their call bells worked and felt that they did not. However, we tested one of these and found that it was working, although the sounder could not be heard from the person's room. For the others, the manager had a programme of testing them at regular intervals and ensuring that staff responded in a reasonable time.

Inspection carried out on 11 May 2012

During a routine inspection

People told us that the food was good. They said there was plenty of it and one said, "I haven't had a bad meal yet". They said that the staff were good to them and one said, "You can have a laugh. You can't get a nicer place." They commented that they particularly liked the dining room.

We asked one person about the help they had from staff. They said, "We sometimes have to wait quite a long time". They told us they liked to get up around 7am but often had to wait for help until 10am.

Some people we spoke with found it difficult to express their views and answer questions about their care. Because of this, we spent time listening to and observing what was happening in the home to find out how they were supported.