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Date of Publication: 8 January 2013
Inspection Report published 8 January 2013 PDF | 46.98 KB


During a routine inspection

People who use the service told us:

�I�m alright.� �I have been doing art today.� �I like class.� �The farm is great.� �I love the farm.� �I like doing the pigs.� �I like it here, the food is nice.� �The food is lovely and I get to choose what to eat.� �I can get a snack anytime.�

People also spoke about the forthcoming outing to the zoo, household tasks, lunches out, their college, choosing the colours in their rooms, and activities and their holidays.

One person said they had a complaint once and they did something about it.

Another person told us that if they don�t do what they agreed, they would write a letter and make them.

We also spoke to one relative of the people who used the service who said:

�I love it here, the staff are wonderful, it feels like a family here there�s a lovely atmosphere�. They look after them well, �I feel they are safe here, I am asked about my views�; �I have no concerns I can�t find fault but feel I could make a complaint if I needed to�, �we are welcome and can visit as we please, the home is well run and I can always talk to the staff and manager.�