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Archived: 38-40 Stoke Green

The provider of this service changed - see old profile

The provider of this service changed - see new profile


During a check to make sure that the improvements required had been made

Following our inspection of 38-40 Stoke Green on 14th October 2013 we asked the provider to take steps to ensure that a shortfall in staff support was put right. This was because staff had told us they did not feel they had received sufficient support and guidance over recent months. Some staff were unsure about what supervision they were supposed to receive. Other staff told us they had received very few supervisions. One member of staff told us they felt unsupported when there had been a lot of changes within the service. A staff member told us they had difficulty getting answers concerning pay queries.The manager acknowledged that supervisions had not taken place as frequently as they should have done and this may have led to some staff feeling unsupported.

The provider responded with a plan to ensure staff were well supported and received regular supervision.

We contacted the manager by phone. They gave us details of the supervision schedule which demonstrated that supervisions were now taking place regularly. We spoke with a senior staff member who confirmed the schedule and was able to discuss examples of recent supervisions and the support offered to staff and the expectations of them.

Inspection carried out on 14 October 2013

During a routine inspection

We visited 38-40 Stoke Green on a weekday afternoon and spoke with four staff and the manager. We saw all three people who lived at the home and observed interactions between them and staff. After our visit we spoke by phone with a relative of one person who lived at the home.

People who lived at the home had learning disabilities within the Autistic spectrum. This meant they displayed particular behaviours and had particular routines and patterns of behaviour. One person spoke to us briefly after encouragement, another made contact and the third person did not acknowledge us. We saw staff interacting with them and supporting them in calm and positive ways. Discussion with staff and a relative, observation and previous intelligence and knowledge showed us that people had made progress with the service in developing social and life skills.

We learned that there had been some changes with a new manager, a number of new staff and some extensive building alterations. Staff said they were well supported with training but told us they had not been supported by regular contact with the manager in the form of individual supervisions.

The manager told us they were appointed in June and were in the process of applying to register as the manager. We reminded them of the need for the service to have a registered manager. They told us their application was in the process of being completed and sent.

Inspection carried out on 6 December 2012

During a routine inspection

We visited the home without letting people know we were coming. We spoke at length with three staff on duty and saw the three people who lived at the home. One person spoke with us briefly to say they were very happy. They told us what they had done that day. All three people were relaxed and interacted well with staff. They were supported to pursue individual activities and interests and gently guided in appropriate behaviours. Staff were confident and comfortable with them.

Incidents of aggressive or unsocial behaviour amongst the people who lived at the home had greatly reduced. Staff told us that people were now able to access more activities in the community and were responding positively. This was supported by what we observed and saw in records and comments.

Staff told us they were working as a team and that there was a positive atmosphere in the home. One staff spoke of there being �less pressure� and that this meant they could focus more on doing the job well. They felt that everyone was working as a team and they felt the benefit of having a supportive and permanent manager in post. All the staff we spoke with talked highly of the manager�s support and leadership.